The Franklin-Simpson Wildcats' Cross Country Team had a productive day at the Owensboro Invitational.

The team had 11 runners set new personal records in their meet, including Hayden Minnicks, Joe Maloney, Javarius Rogan, Alissa Hertzog, Zoe Graves, Brody Johnson, Mathew Buntin, William Neal, Parker Phelps, Levi Witcher and Chloe Smack.

"Everybody had a great day," Wildcats Cross Country head coach Jane Rahm said. "The energy and attitude to do our best was there. We need to keep up the momentum during practice. This will pay huge dividends towards the end of the season."

Jaydee ran a 21:41. At the 2-mile mark, her shoe gave her a painful blister so she took off her shoe and ran the last mile with only one shoe -- she wound up with a top-10 finish by placing 10th.

Hayden Minnicks had his best career race running a 19:16 5K. His first mile was 5:36 equaling his best mile time in track.

"Minnicks is proving to be a great leader for the team," Rahm said. His running maturity is a real asset. He takes the time to teach/lead the newer runners in stretching, movement, and work ethic. There is a lot of new talent that are running right at his heels trying to be as good as he is getting. This kid is going to be running in the low 18's and maybe 17's by the end of the season."

Cheyanna Neal placed 5th in the girls' middle school race running a 12:58.

The Wildcats will host their annual Wildcat Wilderness Invitational on Oct. 19. That will be their final meet of the season leading into the regional meet on Oct. 26.

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