The 2nd Annual Middle School All-Star Game was hosted at Bowling Green Jr. High Middle School on Saturday, Feb. 2.

The all-star game showcased some of the best boys and girls basketball players on the middle school level from all of the 4th Region.

A committee selected players for the 7th and 8th grade boys/girls middle school teams. The East All-Stars featured players north of Bowling Green Middle School and the West All-Stars featured players south of Henry F. Moss Middle School.

Franklin-Simpson was represented with Naja Nolan, Jasmine Savage and Allie Utley for the Weat All-Stars 7th grade girls team along with Griff Banton and Kam Ray for the West All-Stars 7th grade boys team. Michael Doss, the head coach of the Wildcats’ 7th grade boys team, was an assistant coach for the West All-Stars.

Devin Bratton, Mathias Dickerson and O.J, Gamble played for the West 8th grade All-Star team along with Katelyn McAlister and Alexus McDonald playing for the West 8th grade All-Star team. The girls team was coached by Ashley Taylor, who is the head coach of Lady Cats’ middle school basketball teams. She was joined by her middle assistant coaches: Tremaine Partinger and Jermaine Savage.

“A great basketball environment,” Lady Cats head coach Ashley Taylor said. “The kids really enjoyed being apart of something with other players around the region. My coaching staff and I were blessed to get to be a part of the East/West All Star. Game. The ladies representing Franklin Simpson did a wonderful job. This was a new experience for them, and I was proud how they represented themselves and our team. Truly a great basketball event!

The four games each featured four quarters of basketball plus an all-star skills competition that had: a 3-point shootout, a dribbling and passing skills competition and a hot shot competition where four players from each team where each player had to make a layup, a free throw, a 3-pointer and a shot from half court.

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