Lady Cats' volleyball team celebrates season

Brian Davis/Franklin Favorite

Franklin-Simpson Lady Cat’s volleyball team celebrated their season with a banquet and lock in at Franklin-Simpson High School last Saturday night.

The Franklin-Simpson Lady Cats' volleyball team celebrated their season last Saturday night at their season ending banquet.

As head coach Megan Vincent said at the beginning of the season, wins were going to be earned this season as the schedule was going to be much tougher as it was in the past because she wanted to challenge her team to bring out the best in each and everyone of her players.

They honored their five seniors, including Cassidy Eversole, Meadow Hall, Shelby Johnston, Maddie Squires and Rylie Spears. These five seniors have competed in the 13th District Championship match and the 4th Region Tournament two seasons in a row. Also they made school history by winning their first ever match in the region tournament with a four set win over the Clinton County Bulldogs in 2017.

The players voted for their teammates for their season ending individual awards:


Back row/defensive: Kari Hastings

Attacker: Avanna Huffines

Assists: Victoria Chambers

Ace queen: Kari Hastings

MVP: Kari Hastings


Back row/defensive: Fantasia Suggs

Attacker: Carly Bush

Assists: Aysia Fuller

Ace queen: Lauren Johnson

Block boss: Carly Bush

MVP: Aysia Fuller

Varsity: MADS Awards

Motivator: Meadow Hall

Attitude: Cassidy Eversole

Dedication: Shelby Johnston

Skill: Alera Barbee

Leadership: Meadow Hall

Team Blue: Meadow Hall

All-District: Alera Barbee, Meadow Hall and Shelby Johnston

MVP: Shelby Johnston

HUDL Awards (stats):

Aces: Alera Barbee (43)

Blocks: Alera Barbee (15)

Kills: Alera Barbee (125) and Shelby Johnston (100)

Assists: Rylie Spears (216)

Digs: Alera Barbee (104), Meadow Hall (141) and Shelby Johnston (143)

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