Franklin-Simpson Lady Cats and Wildcats' soccer teams both lost to the Logan County Cougars each by one goal in the penalty kicks round in their respective 13th District matches.

The Franklin-Simpson Wildcats' soccer team lost to the Logan County Cougars, 3-2, last Tuesday night at Cougar Field.

"I've talked with the team on numerous occasions about getting better each day at practice and at each game," Wildcats head coach Justin Dyer. "We have gotten better throughout the season and I believe we will continue to improve."

The Wildcats got a goal from a corner kick from senior Johnny Martin. Later in the match, junior Alan Olivo scored a goal on a free kick in the top right corner of the net from about 40 yards away.

With the match tied at 2-2 after 80 minutes of regulation time and two five minute "golden goal" rounds, the game went into the penalty kicks round. Freshman Levi Burgess scored the first goal in the round. In the fourth round, Olivo scored a goal but the Cougars scored three goals including the final goal of the round to win, 3-2, in penalty kicks and the match, 3-2.

"Started the game with the best energy and intensity that I've seen from the team all season. Everyone on the field was buzzing around and their communication was constant," Dyer said. "To start the second half our intensity fell off a bit, which allowed Logan County back in the game. After they tied it, I was really proud of the team for fighting back and stopping Logan County's momentum."

A busy week of matches is ahead for the Wildcats. After hosting the Todd County Central Rebels on Tuesday night, they will host the Warren East Raiders on Thursday night at the F-S Soccer and Softball Complex. Then on Saturday morning, they will play two matches in the Barren County Trojan Classic.

"As far as how the girls played during regulation, it was about 90 percent for most of the game until the last part when the pressure was on then they went up to 100 percent. It has been emphasized over and over that the teams in our region especially will play them hard and if we play at our 100 percent, we will do fine. This year, they're just not even 100 percent all the time," Lady Cats head coach Dennis Anderson said. "This is a very talented team with a lot of potential but they are still struggling to realize that. As far as the PK's effort was given but we got beat out by one. That was heartbreaking for them and the coaches. We have a game tomorrow and hopefully that will be a much better result."

In the first game of the 13th District soccer doubleheader match, Franklin-Simpson also fell to Logan County 4-3 in penalty kicks.

The game would head into the penalty kicks round with the score tied at 3-3 after 80 minutes of regulation and two five minute "golden goal" rounds. After five rounds, the score was tied at 2-2. The penalty kicks round went into overtime and after the eighth round, Logan County scored the game-winning goal for the 3-2 victory in penalty kicks and 4-3 to win the match.

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