Coats, Davis and Utley selected to All-Tournament Team

Brian Davis/Franklin Favorite

(From left to right) Lady Cats sophomore Maddie Utley, head coach Todd Caudill and seniors: Madison Davis and Danielle Coats were selected as players for the 4th Region Softball tournament's All-Tournament Team at the WKU Softball Complex.

At the end of the 4th Region Softball Tournament at the WKU Softball Complex, the selections for the all-tournament team were announced.

Franklin-Simpson seniors Danielle Coats and Madison Davis and sophomore Maddie Utley were among the 23 players selected.

"I'm really thrilled for the three players especially our two seniors," Lady Cats head coach Todd Caudill said. "Both played outstanding against really good competition and happy for them. I hate to see them move on but I am happy

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to see them get this recognition. Glad to see Maddie (Utley) get some recognition as well because the one thing you can count on from her is that she is going to give you 110 percent every time she plays and she played great for us by giving us some insurance runs against Barren County and one of our hits against Warren East. I'm excited that we still have her and a good group of core players back again next season."

Coats hit a double with two RBI and a run scored in their win over Barren County.

"This is a good way to go out. It is the first time i as selected to the region tournament team and i am so glad I made the team," Danielle Coats said. "These games are always fun, especially this year. Glad to be here with my teammates and we improved a lot over the season. Even though we lost, we played really well."

Davis went 3-6 in the two games with two doubles and a single. She also went 1-1 in two games pitching, allowing six runs on nine hits with 11 strikeouts.

"It's good to make the all-tournament team in my last season as a Lady Cat," Madison Davis said. "I made this team all four years so it was good to leave a mark. Sad that it is over but i had a lot of fun. We got better as the season went on and can't wait to see how this team grows next season."

Utley went 3-7 with three singles, two RBI and a run scored.

"This was great," Maddie Utley. "I didn't get to play as much last year but I got to hit better in the postseason against Barren County and against Warren East. I'm going to be practicing hitting and more pitching and try to get ready for next season."

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