The Franklin-Simpson Lady Cats’ golf team competed in their first tri-match of the season.

Last Thursday, the Lady Cats competed against the Allen County-Scottsville Lady Patriots and the Monroe County Lady Falcons in nine-hole match play at the Scottsville Country Club.

The Lady Cats improved to 5-0 on match play by defeating the Lady Falcons, 156 to 180, using their top three scores and defeating the Lady Patriots, 215 to 224, using their top four scores.

“It has been a rainy week but it was good to get the girls out to play,” Lady Cats head coach Sarah Dinwiddie said. “Three of them have never played this course so this was a new, good experience for them. This is a tough course. Tough holes with tough conditions. Food experience for our younger players and proud of the way they played and handled being on this course in the conditions.”

Sophomore Conleigh Wilson led the Lady Cats with a score of 45 with senior Maddie Hall shooting a score of 54.

“My driver was the best thing that I hit,” Wilson said. “I hit every fairway except for one of them so that is pretty good for me. Chipping was not the best for me and that kind of set me back as I wasn’t close enough to the hole to make putts. I was kind of two and three putting to every hole but I did make some pars. I always enjoy playing with the girls from Allen County-Scottsville.”

“I had some pars today vut overall, not great,” Hall said. “There were some bad holes that got to me because the course was wet in a lot of places. It was just a bad day. I’ll be back and will play better. Got to get ready to play at the Bowling Green Country Club. Me and the country club have a very “nice” relationship. I know what to expect there so I am hoping for better scores this time around.”

Seventh grader Chloe Chaney fired a score of 57 with 8th graders Morgan Hunter chipping in with a score of 59 and Meryn McBrayer rounding out the scorecard with a 65.

“My day was good but from walking up and down the hills at every hole, my feet are hurting,” Hunter said. “This was a tough course and this is the first time I played on it. I hit a few good drives, some of them were pretty bad especially on Hole 2. I used my nine iron and my drive sailed tight into the person’s yard and it landed in a ditch.”

“It was a good day and I had a lot of fun playing with my best friend Morgan (Hunter),” McBrayer said. “And on the 2nd Hole, we really had fun as I too hit my drive into someone’s yard using my 7-iron. Then I grabbed my 8-iron and hit it short. Much better than hitting it over the road again. Overall, we got quite a workout today with every other hole, we were going uphill or downhill.”

The Lady Cats will compete in the BGIT on Saturday afternoon at the Bowling Green Country Club.

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