Former Franklin-Simpson Lady Cat and freshman Campbellsville University Lady Tigers’ softball player Madison Davis was named to the Mid-South Conference Academic All-Conference team last Monday.

“Coach (Shannon) Wathen is really big on her players being a student-athlete, emphasizing more on the student side of it,” Davis said. “Transitioning from job school studies to college studies was pretty difficult. I did not realize that our work was posted online when I got started and saw that I had a lot of work to do. I felt overwhelmed at times but we had mandatory study hall sessions whether we are at home or on the road. We had a routine we had to follow and our team goal was to stay ahead and never get behind on our school work.”

Davis a played in 18 games, with14 starts, had a batting average of .310 with a pair of doubles, four runs scored and five RBIs. She is playing first base this season and has 07 putouts while only committing one error.

“This has been frustrating not being able to play. I thought heading into the season that I would be watching a lot as there was a two-time All-American playing and I could learn from her. Then, our starting first baseman needed arm surgery and so the opportunity was there and Wathen granted it to me. I took the opportunity and ran with it. It’s a bummer that we did not get to finish the season. we had some big goals to try to accomplish.”

Davis credits Lady Cats’ head coach Todd Caudill for transitioning from softball on the high school softball level to the collegiate level.

“Coach Caudill was very demanding but he also was very good about taking every situation that we learned in our sport and applying it to real-life situations and that style of coaching is the same way that Wathen coaches. She makes sure that we are ready for the real world and preparing for life after softball. Both coaches are big on have us working on our mechanics and game situations.”

The Lady Tigers had an overall record of 12-7 heading into conference play before the season was suspended due to the COVID 19 coronavirus pandemic.

Davis, who is majoring in elementary education, hopes that this season will be redshirted, giving her an extra season to play.

“There have been talks of everybody getting another year to play but nothing has been said for sure,” Davis added. “I hope that does happen because I can graduate by my junior year. Because of my major, they like to do student teaching during the spring but because I play spring sports, I can’t do that but I can do that in the fall of my senior year and play softball during the spring.”

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