The Franklin-Simpson Lady Cats waited a couple of extra weeks to begin their season and the delay proved to be worth the wait. They began their season last Monday night with a 6-2 victory over the Grayson County Lady Cougars at the F-S Soccer and Softball Complex.

“We started off on our heels a bit in the beginning and they quickly realized Grayson County came ready to play,” Lady Cats head coach Alissa Williams said. “I was definitely not happy allowing a goal so quickly into the game. Was not expecting that Grayson County scored so fast. They took advantage of us being on our heels. But once we got going, especially in the 2nd Half, we kept being offensive and keeping possessions more on their half of the field and that made a big difference by putting pressure on them.”

After the Lady Cougars scored the first goal of the game, senior Kate Norwood scored a hat trick, three goals, in the 1st Half and five overall for the game.

“We worked hard as a team and I feel like we gave it our all,” Norwood said. “The work we put in resulted in the outcome tonight. Every time we step on the field, we have to give it 110%.”

Senior Madison Gregory added a goal in the 2nd Half as senior Lexi Phillips stopped 13 shots and allowed two goals as the Lady Cats picked up their first win of the season.

“It was exciting for me to score that goal. I didn’t score any goals last year and so I am so glad I got one tonight,” Gregory said. “It is great to get out here and play and being that I am a senior, I hope that we can have a full season.”

“This was a good start to our season,” Phillips said. “I think this game tonight has set the tone for the rest of the season. It is a short season so conditioning will be a big key for us and as much as we have done, I feel like that will be enough. We have a very short bench so no one needs to play recklessly and no injuries.”

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