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Sharper Image Lawn and Landscape has been well-known around the Franklin area for the past few years with several changes and improvements coming within the next year.

Michael Gregory, owner of Sharper Image, officially started the company in 2014 after building up the business enough that he essentially quit his full-time job for another; though he had been mowing as a side income since 2007, riding his mower to the jobsites in his neighborhood until he could invest in a trailer to expand. Gregory stated in a recent interview that he always knew he wanted to own his own business, even though he claims that it is a “crazy, risky move and it is much easier working for the man, than being the man.”

He felt he had that kind of drive and determination to succeed and knew that mowing was just a gateway to the new direction and focus of the company.

One of the first things people will notice is a new name with a new logo. Sharper Image Lawn and Landscape is now Shaper Image Tree and Landscape. The change has come amidst a rebranding of Sharper Image from just a lawn care company to one that can serve multiple needs of the community, including mowing, landscaping, irrigation, and tree work.

“We are phasing away from residential mowing, keep assured, we are still taking care of our current residential clients until they render our services no longer needed or decide to do something different,” Gregory said.

The focus of the company is shifting to strictly landscape and tree work.

“I decided to take lawn out of the Sharper Image name and added tree, because I want people to see us as a tree and landscape company, rather than just a mowing and landscape company, we offer so much more for our clientele,” Gregory said.

Part of Gregory’s focus has been contracted work with energy companies clearing right-of-way’s for electrical and pipeline construction, which he credits for really getting him fired up for this transition and new venture of the business. Gregory stated that another reason for the name change was for the community to know about the added services for the residential sector, not just the commercial sector. Sharper Image offers a full array of tree services from pruning, removal, and even stump removal.

In 2017, Gregory moved the base of his operation from his home to a new building at the corner of North Street and Blackjack Rd. This was a huge step in building the business and allowing him to publicly sell a variety of products over the last two years; such as decorative landscape stone, driveway gravel, masonry sand, and mulch. Recently, Gregory purchased the lot beside him on North Street for another expansion.

“I want to be able to offer a wider variety of material than what we have, and with the we are just running out of room in the current space for materials and equipment,” he said.

The current plan within the next six months to a year, is to add more bins on the current property for more decorative landscape stone and move a lot of the equipment, new equipment, and parking to the expansion site. Gregory said, they are in the process of getting the zone change from residential to light industrial approved but he sees no major issues with that process since the current location is light industrial as well as the property adjacent to the north of the expansion site.

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