Alec Silchuk

Alec Silchuk

On April 16, Franklin-Simpson Wildcats’ Athletic Director Matt Wilhite announced via social media that Alec Silchuk is replacing him as the head coach of the boys’ golf team.

Wilhite has stepped down citing that he wants to concentrate more on the athletic director’s responsibilities and as the baseball coach.

Silchuk, a 2008 graduate of Franklin-Simpson High School, played all four years for the golf team. He along with: J.T.Gregory, Matt Groves, Harris Kinslow, Adam McDonald and Tyler Sipes won three tournaments in 2006 along with the region tournament and finished third in the state tournament. The championship team that season was coached by Jaxon Grover, who is currently the principal at Franklin-Simpson Middle School.

“Alec is an amazing talent,” Jaxon Grover said. “He will do a tremendous job leading Franklin-Simpson towards yet another regional title.”

The challenge that awaits the team this year is developing three other players to play alongside senior Dalton Fiveash and junior Chase Wilson. The duo has qualified for the state tournament as individuals or on a team three consecutive years.

“I have been looking at scores from last season and Chase (Wilson) and Dalton (Fiveash) will be my number one guys,” Silchuk said. “Dawson (Owens) will probably be our number three so I got to find two or three other guys that can fill the five spots. I will try to get Dawson and two to three others prepared for the region tournament. With the new rules, only one team can go to state tournament so if we can’t win the region, get as many players to qualify as individuals.”

“I feel like Alec is going to do a great job as the head coach,” Dalton Fiveash said. “He knows a lot about the game of golf and will not only be a coach but I feel like we will have competitions at practice. He will make sure we get what we have to do done but make sure we have fun with it.”

“He is a really good golfer and will help us all improve as a team,” Chase Wilson said. “We have several younger guys that are the future of the team, and with Coach’s help, they can contribute to the team in a big way. I think it will be a great season for F-S golf. I would also like to acknowledge and thank coaches Joe Grinstead and Matt Wilhite for the help and opportunities they have provided for him and the golf team up to this point.”

Silchuk feels his knowledge of the game will help them out and what he has learned from former Western Kentucky University Hilltoppers boys’ golf coach, the late Phillip Hatchett, along with WKU Hall of Famer Kenny Perry, he can help these guys better people, better golfers and help them achieve their goals that they are pursuing.

“My plan is to work on the short game,” Silchuk said. “Everyone can drive it, hit it long but if you can’t chip and putt, then you can’t score. Hopefully, I can get their short game dialed in so they can shoot lower scores. I have some drills for them for their short game so I constantly will work on that with them.”

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