Logan County High School Golf Results

On Friday, July 30, 2021, the Logan County High School boy’s golf team played in the 2021 Spartan Clash at Rolling Hills Golf Course. The boys had a strong showing finishing in a tie for fourth place. The boy’s scores were as follows: sophomore Braydon Bond (75), sophomore Braden Engler (78), junior Tanner Robinson (89), freshman Hunter Holloway (91), and eighth-grader Karson Rodgers (107).

On Saturday, July 31, 2021, the Logan County High School girl’s golf team played in the Oar and Sword Invitational at the Pines at Lindsey Wilson. The team only had two players with junior Abbi Forbes shooting an 88 and freshman Emma Fitzgerald shooting 106.

Tuesday, Aug. 3, 2021, the Logan County High School boy’s golf team was back in action in the SOKY Shootout at Rolling Hills Golf Course. The boys finished in 12th place in a field of 17 teams from across the region. The scores were as follows: Braden Engler (82), Braydon Bond (84), Tanner Robinson (90), Hunter Holloway (90), and Karson Rodgers(108).

The Logan County High School boy’s golf team competed in a tri-match Tuesday, Aug. 10 in Elkton. The Cougars came away with second place with a score of 171. Todd County took honors with a score of 168, followed by the Cougars 171, and then Russellville at 221. Braden Engler (40), Hunter Holloway (44), Brayden Bond (39), Tanner Robinson (47), and Karson Rodgers (49).

Congratulations to the team and their coaches, Will Rosser and Carson Zibart.

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