Day after day the sun rises and sets as you start and end your duties as mom. Diapers, bottles, laundry, getting everyone ready, keeping the house tidy as best as you can only to watch it unfold behind you. Maybe it’s packing lunches, picking out clothes, getting the kids back and forth to school, games, practices, meals, and birthday parties…the list never seems to end. Most days you feel unseen, unheard, and unappreciated.

I’d like to encourage you, Mama. You are seen. You are heard. And you are appreciated! Although being a mom is one of the hardest jobs you will ever have, it can definitely be the most rewarding. The love and hard work that you put into your family every day is not usually recognized on a daily basis, but very much felt by those that love you back, even when no one says a word.

It’s found in your child’s smile when they go to bed with a full belly. It’s in the clothes you washed when you watch your child head into the school ready to tackle the day. It’s even in the wines and cries when they want to stay in bed instead of going to school or wanting you to kiss boo boo’s and all the other things that may be irritating them. Your love, kindness, and patience will fix most anything!

No one can replace you, dear sweet Mama. I know you’re tired. I know you’re ready for some quiet time of your own. I know you’re ready for a “day off”. That will come. It may not come right now. Just remember that what you are doing is so worth every single effort! Your hugs and kisses are like medicine. Your smile and laughs are building confidence. Your hard work in every area at home is teaching them and building character.

As much as you love your children, never forget that your Heavenly Father loves you even more! As you put yourself aside for your children every day, remember the love and sacrifice that Jesus gave us. He sees every effort you’ve made to keep each day going and each child growing. He sees you. He hears you. He loves and appreciates you! Keep up the great work, Mama.

I John 3:16 By this we know love because He laid down His life for us, and we also ought to lay down our lives for the brethren.

Prayer: Lord, I pray Your strength over this Mama today. Allow her to feel your presence as she lays down her life daily for her family. Remind her to keep you first and everything else will fall into place. We love you so much! Amen.

Karen C. Logan is a Christian Life Coach, Author, Speaker, CEO of Yes, You Can Girl! A Christian ministry for women.

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