Let’s face it. The holidays can be crazy hard. With stores busy with cranky people, computers/phones cranky if we order gifts that way, family cranky at gatherings, it can be...challenging. But we never forget, the Lord is so good, even when things are so hard.

At our church, we have had to deal with a different kind of difficulty. One of our music leaders, a dear sister in the Lord, passed away rather suddenly. Her smile, love, and music were such a blessing to us, and we miss them already. There is always a sadness in a loss like this from her family and church family, especially around the holidays. We know of many others passed on in our Logan County community. But this Christmas, we are reminded that we have hope. Our dear sister and others passed on in the Lord, are with Jesus.

How can we be so sure of this? The Scriptures in Galatians 4:4 reveal a Savior who came to earth as a baby just at the perfect time to rescue us. He lived and died so that we might be saved and have hope. If the Lord doesn’t return just yet, we die once, but our dear Sister and others in the Lord will never be hurt by the 2nd death. If God can take care of something this eternally huge, he can take care of the rest of our challenges. May we accept comfort in our difficulties.

May the Lord take us above all our difficulties this Christmas season. As we honor and praise Him, we can soar above the storm of holiday craziness and any other problems, just like our believing loved ones passed away soar with Jesus right now.

Nathan Cockrill is the Pastor of Christian Life Assembly of God.

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