Gardening-that hot hard work to enjoy cool crisp veggies-has taught me many things. One is that the gardener must always tend the plants. Otherwise, weeds choke the good stuff or the garden dries up. Another is that one must sift through big ole leaves of squash or cucumber to find the fruit.

I am hearing from different ministers God doing good things in our Logan County community, and I am pleased to see Him working in our church. In spite of all the difficulty we see, I am confident God wants to send reviving to the world. But to keep good things going, we must tend them. To do that, we must search out the fruit of the Bible, God’s Holy Word.

King Josiah’s story shines a light on this; his story is told in 2 Chronicles 34. His men searched the Temple and found the Scriptures. When they read the Word to the King, he tore his robes, inquired of the prophet, and had all the people of the Land to come hear the Word and swear an oath to obey it. In other words, when it came to the Scripture, Josiah meant business. And God revived the land because of it.

For us, may we never rest on what knowledge of the Scripture we have now, but strive to grow. If we try to do good things but lose the Bible in our work, it’s like the times I was down at Olmstead P.E. Class. I would forget my gym shoes and have to run around in sock feet. Playing dodge ball or using the big parachute thing was so much harder because I would slide around everywhere and would fall easier. We need the traction and foundation the Bible gives to make it.

Also, it’s clear Josiah read the whole Scriptures of the Law to the people. We need to read the whole Bible for ourselves. It’s good to have trusted teachers, a good study Bible, and past knowledge of the Bible, but we need a fresh word from the Word daily.

Many may know I recently got married. My beautiful bride has the Bible read to her on her tablet daily. (You might can tell I’m proud.) However we take the Word in with technology, a book, or another way, may we daily find our Bibles to keep God’s work going, in a world that very much needs it.

Nathan Cockrill is the Pastor of Christian Life Assembly of God.

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