Ouch! When I had an auto accident and needed back surgery a few years ago, I never knew it could be so hard to stand until I had to be helped up by a sweet nurse helping me with physical therapy. The yelps of pain were for real.

In Ephesians 6:13, the Bible tells us we need to stand. Standing means to physically get on our feet. But it also means to do something for God when people push against us, even when no one else stands. As we see the return of Jesus nearing, we need to be ready to do this more and more. Logan County needs a real stand for God.

Why should we stand? It’s an evil day. Is today really an evil day? Yes it is. We see it in the world, with people’s behavior and with the virus in nature. That’s why a stand might be hard today, but it’s even more important.

People need a good example. If it’s dark, the light stands out more. People can see the truth even more now if we will take a stand.

Martin Luther, the great leader that stood on the Bible, was told by the powerful King Charles to stop. Luther proclaimed, “No, here I stand, so help me God.” And God did stand with him. Don’t worry about the evil day. Jesus is right there standing with those standing.

How do we stand? A man put it like this-“There are many angles where we fall, but only one where we stand.” That way is with Jesus. We believe for salvation and healing, in a world that doubts. We stand on the Bible. Stand in the gap for people by praying for them, as God tells us He is looking for in Ezekiel 22:30. We also stand for God on Facebook, our talk in public, and giving with finances, all of it with the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Maybe we are too weak to stand because we’re wounded. Maybe we don’t know where to begin. We need the touch of the Almighty. In Acts 3:6-8, a man was totally lame until Peter picked him up in the name of Jesus. Then God gave all the strength to stand from a miracle, and he stood up and rejoiced. We don’t rely on our own muscles; seek Jesus for strength. If we are standing, don’t give up. Keep standing. Jesus will not let us go.

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