Dear Father, open my eyes



Do you ever go from one room to another to get something and totally forget what you went in there for? And what about this one…you have something in your hand, lay it down, and don’t realize you don’t have it anymore until you back? Yep, it happens to me every time! I crack myself up when I do those silly things. How can we overlook such tiny details? It’s almost like we’re on autopilot sometimes.

That reminds me about a story from last summer. Don’t you just love warm weather? The sun just feeds my soul after a long dreary winter. Well, it was May and I needed my sunglasses to drive with the sun being so bright. I had exactly one pair of prescription sunglasses and they were my favorite! I try to take good care of them and I usually kept them in my car. Well, wouldn’t you know, I found myself not being able to find them. I looked everywhere. I asked my husband, my kids, checked the house, both vehicles…I was fresh out of ideas.

So, I prayed, knowing God knew where they were, still no glasses. I just did without them the best that I could, but some weeks later, I found myself really missing them. I have sensitive eyes and it wasn’t easy to drive without them. One day, I remember thinking to myself, I’ll just go look in the car one more time. I did. They weren’t there. I sat down in the driver’s seat and sighed deeply, then I spoke to God as if He were standing right there (and He was) and I said, “Lord, can you please help me find my glasses?” I went on back in the house. I was standing in my kitchen along with my husband and daughter, I walked toward the dishwasher, and my eyes landed on my sunglasses! I screamed, “THERE’S MY SUNGLASSES!” I was ecstatic! Evidently, I had hung them on the black wrought iron rooster above my dishwasher, and they were RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME the whole time! I was absolutely blown away.

My journal entry for that day read, “Thank You Lord for helping me find my sunglasses! I have been looking for them for like 2 months and they were literally right under my nose! How could I have missed them?”

Over the next day or so I continued thanking God for “opening my eyes.” He then revealed something incredibly special to my heart…He said, “Things, people, opportunities, anything can be right under your nose but until I am ready to reveal them to you, you will not see it.” I just love how God uses everyday moments like this to teach us. Such a simple message but yet life-changing.

Psalm 146:8 — The LORD opens the eyes of the blind; The LORD raises up those who are bowed down; The LORD loves the righteous;

My prayer: Dear Father, open my eyes to Your perfect will for my life. Amen.

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