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The 7th Annual Thunder Over Lewisburg was a huge success this year. Team Clacy knocked it out of the park. A lot of people said the finale gave them goosebumps. Some said they cried while others said they felt the pride go through them. Those who gathered at the Lewisburg Bank started singing God Bless America after the show.

When you hear over and over from people how it made them feel, then we know for sure we are doing something good for our community.

A big thank you to all those who worked this year that made up Team Clacy which included Clacy White, Ken Faircloth, Joey White, Holly White, Clacy White, Jr., Colt White, Harrison Wilson, and Jeff Stanford.

A thank you goes out to the Lewisburg Lions Club for providing food, music, and fellowship at McKinney Park.

The Lewisburg park has Chaney’s Dairy Barn with their delicious ice cream and Buddy Wooldridge was our chief cook, providing all the wonderful food and drinks.

Another thank you goes out to Jason Harper for helping with anything we needed and Josh Harper for his electrical work at the park. Thank you to Lewisburg Mayor Matt Morr for seeing that the park was ready for a huge crowd, and to Terry Browning and his crew for controlling the parking. To whoever cleaned the park before we got there the next day, it was greatly appreciated.

Deloris Coursey, Cindy Suiter, and I would like to thank every one of our sponsors who made Thunder Over Lewisburg possible. It takes a lot of hard work and a lot of money to provide a show of this quality for our community, county, and surrounding counties.

Sponsors included:

Freedom Level $1,000 plus

Sherri White and family

Deloris Coursey and family

Cindy Suiter and family

Lewisburg Banking Company

Logan Aluminum

Samuel & Soloman Charities

Liberty Level $500 plus

Pogue Chrysler

Summers Farms

LTC Connect

South Main Market

Riley White Drug Store

Jesse and Connie Jepson

Tia Summers

Patriot Level $200 plus

C.T. Grain Systems

Bobby and Brenda Collins

Bobby and Barbara Brown

Price Funeral Home

Cates Cabinet and Woodworking

Beth McKinney

Jason Harper, 4th District Magistrate

Grounded Electric

Manning Mowing

Southern States

Lewisburg Lions Club

Claron Johnson

K&D Camo Connection

Elite Ag Services, Nathan Killen

Becky Christmas

Paul and Jeanetta Storms

Richard and Candy Steward

Timmy and Sonya White

Mark and Kay Thornberry

Joey Dorris

Celebration Level $20 plus

In memory of Valeria Smith

City of Lewisburg

Priceless IGA

Max Arnold & Sons

Roys Bar B Que

South Point Risk

Auburn Banking Company

First Southern National Bank

Gower Drugs

Kim Dukes

Roy Lee and Brenda Whittaker

Edna Sears

Richard and Claudia Crump

John and JoAnn DeArmond

Jess Vincent

Leland and June Stratton

Sam Romines

Zach and Brandi Wilhite

Brenda Hurt

Tony Ashby

Terry and Linda Cole

Haley Real Estate

Jennifer Moore

Beth Brooks

Earlene Beadnell

Mike and Tammy Forgy

Melinda Porter

Steve and Vicki Gregory

Robert and Donna Brown

Farmer and Faye Brown

Freddie and Connie Vaughn

Ranny Adler

Chelsey Buffa

Cliff and Jessica Kennedy

Sarah Lawson

Sandy Christian

Jimmy Taylor

Samantha Hamilton

Beverly Phelps

Mary Ann McGehee

James and Constance Stevenson

Gerald Printing

Lonny Epley

Kenneth Belcher

Sherri Hinton White

Lewisburg, Ky.

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