I had mentioned that we had been on vacation the week before last with our kids and grandchildren. McCuddy and I had walked down to the beach early one morning. It was still quiet and the sound of the waves gently breaking as they rolled in was so calming. There were a few people out and about as we strolled on the sand. A young man was jogging with his dog and the pup appeared to be smiling as he ran by. An older couple were holding hands as they walked past us, and I thought how sweet they looked together. We were walking along the sand right where the water stopped. She was looking for shells and I was enjoying the beautiful sky, the white sand, and the birds as they flew ahead of us. The birds brought my mind back to Galveston and the family vacations I had talked about earlier.

Back in the “old days”, as McCuddy says, we did not go out to eat every day or play miniature golf or visit other tourist attractions. Our big outing would be for all of us to load up and ride the ferry into Galveston. All week we were told if we were good and did not fight with each other, we would all get to go and this was exciting to us. I could not wait to get there. The dock worker would motion our car on to the big boat. Part of me was always a little apprehensive as my mind would go to what if the boat sank and my mom would tell me to stop worrying. As soon as we were told we could leave the car, we would all bolt out and run up to the main area where you could walk around or sit and look out onto the beautiful ocean. Me and my sister Dana would always run to the stairs to the top deck and get a seat where you could see for miles and miles. Mom would sometimes let us bring saltine crackers to feed the sea gulls, but you had to do so with extreme caution. You would have to go to the very end of the boat and throw the crackers out to sea because if you fed them on the ferry they would flock around, and the workers would scream at you to stop. We would then go back down to the main dock and look over at the water as most of the times you could see dolphins. They were always swimming near, and it appeared as if they were waiting to race the boat across the bay. The majestic mammals would ride the waves, jump out of the water and sometimes swim so close to the ferry you could see their faces and it appeared as if they were looking right at you. We would scream with delight, laugh and try to talk to the dolphins like in the show Flipper.

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