When the world shut down March 2020, one of the first things I did was purchase the biggest bag of dog food I could find. I think I did that before the great toilet paper famine, which I still don’t understand. I’m pretty sure I bought dog food even before I purchased the usual emergency milk, bread, and eggs.

I was fortunate to be able to work throughout 2020. Quickly we switched to telehealth. We began to have Zoom meetings. It took some adjustment and flexibility, but we managed. I set up a card table in my HIPPA compliant bedroom, which remains there now. I look forward to one day being able to fold it up and put it away, but it’ll stay taking up space for now.

My dogs were very confused during this time. Why is mom sitting staring at a thing and talking to someone they can’t see? To this day, they think I’m talking to them. Even on weekends when I open the bedroom door, one of the dogs will jump on the bed ready for mom to stare at a thing and talk to the air. I also walk around the house and talk to people when no one else is home. I have a chocolate lab, Molly, and a border collie (although that’s questionable), named Ivy.

They used to hang out in their kennels during the day when I worked. It is shaded and they have nice dog houses, which they mostly just sit on top of, but it’s protected against the weather. Being at home meant they stayed inside all day. As I’ve transitioned back to my actual office, and it being so hot, they’ve stayed inside lying on the vents, enjoying the air conditioning. I bragged to a coworker about how well behaved they were when I left them alone.

That same day I returned to a blanket absolutely murdered, the stuffing spread throughout the living room. I fussed at them like they were kids but was laughing inside at the guilty expressions on their faces. I took a picture like the other dog-shaming pictures I see on social media. I could look at those for hours. It is hilarious to me and even better than videos of cats knocking stuff over randomly.

When I’m not feeling well, they lie on my feet. If I sneeze or cough, Ivy checks on me to make sure I’m okay. In this world which seems to not have very good news and a continued pandemic, they cheer me up and give me company when I feel “blah.” I thought I’d write this to maybe cheer someone else up, and if posted on Facebook the idea is for you to share your pictures or stories about your very good doggos. I feel like we all need our spirits lifted a little.

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