Do you believe in magic? What if I told you there was an item you could possess with magical properties? By simply having this object, you could transport yourself throughout time and space. You could see the far reaches of distant galaxies through the eyes of a future space traveler, or experience the strife of the Civil War through the life of a young child. You could become a superhero, a member of a royal court, or even an animal. Sounds pretty far-fetched, eh? It is even harder to believe when you find out the item in question costs you nothing and can easily be obtained without ever leaving the county. That’s right, I am talking about a library card. When the resources of the library couple with your mind’s eye, you can find a story that can take you to faraway places and let you see the world—and beyond—through a variety of perspectives. You can also learn a new skill, improve your health and wellbeing, or learn about the world around you. There really are no limits to the things you can achieve simply by getting your library card.

September is National Library Card Signup Month. It’s easy to participate. You can stop by any location of the library and ask to sign up for a card. There is no charge to start up an account, and you can begin using your card right away. Just make sure you bring in your picture ID so we can verify your identity, and you are all set. If you are under 18, you will also need a parent or guardian to come in and sign giving permission for your account. Anyone who lives or works in Logan County, or resides in a surrounding county, is eligible to become a card-carrying member of LCPL.

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