Adam and I spent the better part of Saturday mowing leaves and doing yard work at Flint Ridge. It was a job, but at the same time, I truly enjoyed it. As I have stated so many times, being out there has my mind drifting back in time and to conversations that really make me think. Our granddaughter McCuddy had asked me earlier in the week why they named the farm the after her. I explained that her dad named her after her great-great-grandmother Bettie McCuddy. She was getting a little confused with all this and then asked was Bettie McCuddy named after her grandmother and I told her no, Bettie’s grandmother was Jessie Ferguson, she married a McCuddy. With her being only six years old, all of this was a little overwhelming for her so we changed the subject. As I continued working in the yard, my mind went back to our conversation and my 2nd great-grandmother Jessie Ferguson. I have talked about her in the past, but never really elaborated on her life and where she came from.

Jessie Ferguson was born in Clarksville, Tenn. at the Ferguson family home named “Summertrees,” in 1851. She married my 2nd great-grandfather Felix Ross McCuddy in 1876 and moved to Flint Ridge that same year. She had four children, the oldest was my great-grandfather Robert Ferguson McCuddy, then Issac Ross McCuddy, followed by Nancy Minor McCuddy Stevenson, and the baby was Charles Overton McCuddy. Many family stories speak of the strong character she had and what a wonderful example she was to her family and community.

Becky Scales is a columnist living in Logan County, Ky. She writes about her family, history, and the delicious recipes she prepares in her kitchen at the Flint Ridge-McCuddy Home, one of the oldest homes in Logan County, built in 1804, and owned by her family since 1829.

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