Have you thought about how much more trouble it is for us humans to take care of ourselves than it is for animals to live their lives?

Animals must hunt for their food, true, and bring some home for their babies, but there’s no planting and tending. They don’t worry about the weather’s influence on crops. They don’t take on a second job in order to pay for the groceries. They don’t need to cook.

Intuition tells them where to look for what they eat and whether to gather extra and pack it away for the off-season. If we manufactured our own food as the honeybee does, we would first need an extensive lesson on how to create a miracle storage space that works as well as honeycomb.

Think about clothing! Animals don’t need to do anything about coming up with that. Fowls may preen their feathers and cows may lick their calves, but they come sufficiently covered. In cold weather they grow a thick, wooly coat; in hot weather, it thins out for comfort.

If a snake outgrows his skin, he simply sheds it and slithers away exposing a sleek new body. If a grub grows tired of its look, an automatic metamorphosis happens, giving him a whole new appearance as he bursts forth as a colorful butterfly.

Getting attention by means of how they dress is pretty much out of animals’ control. Instead, they depend on their behaviors, beautiful original songs and sounds, and their contributions to the world around them to take care of that.

Providing shelter for ourselves and dependents is a big responsibility for us humans. How to go about it varies greatly on both sides, but animals are born or hatched with the know-how.

When the time comes for a nest, birds bring in suitable materials and weave these into the shape and size needed. Dirt (mud) daubers attach a work of clay sculpture high in a corner protected from the elements. Hornets mold thin plant-sourced sheets into a large hanging cone.

Four-legged animals burrow underground, locate a naturally-formed hollow in a tree, or handily hibernate in a cave as the inner master plan for their rest dictates.

Home maintenance is minimal for animals; their home typically lasts as long as they need it. There are no utility bills to pay, no insurance to buy, and no pressure to get a better place.

Food, clothing, and shelter. Coming up with those basics occupies the majority of human life.

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