As I look back on life, I see how fortunate I was to have lived in my particular time in this country. The great war was over and all was optimism and hope, for awhile anyway. Kids did not have to be taught work ethics, we simply worked because that was what one did in life. We knew where our food came from, because we helped raise and preserve it. We knew how life was perpetuated because we saw calves, pups, and kittens born. We saw chickens, ducks, and birds hatched. We milked cows for milk and churned it to make our own butter. We also knew and understood death, for we raised, killed, and butchered our own meat. We were taught of the Creator and His commandments (Eccl. 12:13) We knew there was always a right and a wrong when we made a decision. It was wrong to take something that did not belong to you (Exodus 20:13). It was wrong to take a life, and no one would even consider harming a child, much less killing an unborn baby (Prov. 6:17). Homosexuality was a little known perversion, that was not to be so much as mentioned. Blacks and whites were no different in our families, they worked side by side in the coal mines, we killed hogs, made molasses, and shared everything equally. I’m sure there were prejudices, but we didn’t know or care about them. We knew there were good and bad people and we knew to embrace the good and shun the bad.

Today there is no right or wrong, just gray areas, an unlimited number of genders, and everyone is taught to hate and blame someone else for all their troubles. Those, who work not at all, think they are entitled to the same as those who work for a living. No one is responsible, anything goes, from unmarried shacking up, turning kids loose on the streets without supervision or teaching, to murdering thousands of unborn babies daily, while labeling it, freedom of choice. I don’t know how our country will fare in the future, but I do know for sure, there will be a great day of reckoning for the wicked path this country has chosen (II Thes. 1:7-8-9).

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