When we grow up, lots of things change. Our bodies for one get taller, some get thicker. Our hair turns gray, with some losing it altogether. Our skin ... well, we don’t have to talk about how it loves to vacation “down south.” We also worry about stuff more frequently than we did as a child. These are all natural progressions we aren’t surprised about as we watched the adults in our lives grow old. But, the question is … what happens between the “ooh” and the “eww?”

When you are a kid, a lot of experiences draw an “ooh.” Now that we are grown, those same experiences dawn an “eww.” These two words may sound very similar when reading them, however, they couldn’t be farther apart. What we once saw as exciting and cool as a kid, now as older folk, we see quite differently. It begs to ask the question why? What happens between the “ooh and the eww?”

For instance, when you’re a kid playing in the mud, this brought on an “ooh.” Whereas now as an adult, it spurns an “eww.” When you were small, you could stay up as late as you wanted because it was Friday night and there was no school the next day. This garnished an “ooh.” As an adult, the thought of having to stay up late definitely gets an “eww.”

The following is a list of a few “oohs” I’ve thought of which may follow with “eww” now that some age has changed us.

Camping out in a tent in the backyard.

Riding a bicycle all day.

Sticking several pieces of gum in your mouth at one time to see how big you can make the bubble.

Picking up a snake, lizard, or toad (even if it pees on you and gives you warts).

Catching June bugs, crickets, and ants.

Climbing to the top of a tree.

Eating snow and not caring if it has dirt in it.

Licking a cold mailbox.

Getting up early on Christmas morning.

Swimming in a pool all day (even if it’s 60 degrees outside).

Playing with toys.

Dirt under your nails.

Running barefoot on the rocks.

Rolling around on the ground.

Jumping in a pile of leaves.

Staying outside in 90-degree weather all day until dark.

Blowing spit bubbles.

Sledding all day in 30-degree weather.

Running fully clothed in the rain.

Stomping in mud puddles with your shoes on.

I think maybe we grown-ups should remember what it was like to be young, energetic, full of wonderment and adventure, and try a few of these again as adults. I bet if we give them a little try, we may just find a glimpse of the inner “ooh” we’ve put away because we were expected to.

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