What things do you do that make you annoyed with yourself? My list is long and active. If I were ranking them according to the level of annoyance, messing up good food would be near the top. Maybe I leave out or measure wrong a key ingredient. Or I fail to set the timer and allow a pot to boil dry and ruin or bread to burn in the oven. Not only do I not have the normally good food to eat but good time, money, and effort, and the food itself is wasted. It makes me stomping mad.

It isn’t often that television will keep me up beyond my regular bedtime, but sometimes I do see the announcement of a documentary that I would really like to watch. It begins early enough, but it is two hours long. I round up my chores so I will be ready to hop in bed just as soon as it is over, and settle down to watch an informative presentation. It does not disappoint, and I am pleased with my decision, even making notes as it progresses for future reference. ---Until I wake up from a nap in my chair to see a strange program on the screen that followed the important conclusion of the documentary that I have slept through.

A shopping list is a must for me, so when a staple product begins to run low, I try to write it down. I replenish the supply and feel proud of myself for good management. However, there may be a lapse of time and memory, and as the original supply runs lower, I put it on the list again. As I bring in the new purchase and put it away, there sitting on the shelf is the one I had already bought. The expiration date will probably expire before I use up both.

When I fail to look at my calendar in a timely fashion and I miss an appointment or obligation, that bothers me very much. There is no apology that erases my error, so I lecture myself over and over about how simple it is to look at the calendar until I’m pretty beaten up.

Rearranging storage places for more logical use is admirable but dangerous for me. When I move something from where it has been for years to a better place, I forget where the new location is, and never find it until the need has passed. I know this about myself, yet, I keep on doing it.

I never could memorize a string of numbers well, but when someone tells me his or her new street address or phone number, I tell myself that I will remember that number, but I don’t. It slips away. And brings up another chronic annoyance: I never seem to learn.

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