Horning the 13 United States Soldiers who died in Afghanistan recently, as well as those who died during the 9-11 attacks in America on Sept. 11, 2001, the City of Adairville, held a ceremony Saturday night on the square highlighting sacrifice.

Adairville Mayor Donna Blake lit 13 candles in front of a poster board holding the photos and names of the 13 soldiers. She spoke to a crowd that gathered about sacrifice and supporting the men and women who serve in the Armed Forces, as well as local emergency services including police, fire, and ambulance.

A prayer was said thanking God for His blessings and for all those who lost their lives during the 9-11 attacks and serving this country. A flag folding ceremony followed honoring the stars and stripes while giving a history lesson on what those markings mean. Blake gave a call to all emergency workers and servicemen and women to step forward and be thanked personally.

Deborah Hirsch took to the podium introducing herself, saying she was happy to be a member of the Adairville community. Hirsch gave a brief personal story about the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks as she watched the smoke bellow into the sky from the World Trade Center on that fateful day from a beach in New Jersey.

“When you pray tonight, don’t ask God for anything, but instead thank him for everything,” said Hirsch. “Fireman and police officers are there when you need them. We need to support them. Honor all those who serve others and give special thanks to the men and women who protect us daily. What is community but brotherhood? Be good to one another. God is on our side even when there is a tragedy.”

The Samuel and Solomon charity provided the music and a meal for the evening.

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