Both superintendents acknowledged the great challenges that were met as one of the most difficult school years wrapped up last week.

Because of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, students and teachers had to deal with going to class virtually, on a hybrid schedule and eventually — back to attending school four days in person.

Logan County schools superintendent Paul Mullins offered thanks to everyone who did their best under the trying circumstances.

“As the 2020-21 school year comes to a close, let’s all take a moment for reflection and thanks. This past year has posed many unforeseen challenges for our students, families, and staff,” Mullins said. “Thank you to our students for your perseverance throughout the 2020-21 school year. In a year unlike any other we have ever experienced, you all have demonstrated your strength, resilience, and determination to succeed. Thank you to our families and communities for your unwavering support. You help build the foundation that leads to the success of our students and schools. Thank you to our classified staff across every department who have put in countless hours to meet the needs of our students. Always putting the health and safety of others first never went unnoticed. Thank you to our teachers for your willingness to adapt and deliver instruction to all of our students, both virtually and in person. You have met the challenge of our lifetime, and our future is brighter because of you. Thank you to our administrative team for continually adapting to the many challenges of the pandemic. Your innovative leadership helped guide our students from virtual to hybrid to in-person school.”

Mullins also recognized the work of his board during the past year.

“The amazing work of our school district is made possible through strong support of the Logan County board of education. Maintaining safety while striving to provide high-quality education was a challenge they navigated well,” he said. “I am proud of everyone who helped make this school year possible. Working together to address the many facets of the pandemic, we demonstrated to our young people the importance of facing our challenges with a positive attitude and always seeking the best solution for all.”

Russellville Independent Schools superintendent Larry Begley took over as the leader of that district during the middle of the pandemic and said he was blessed to be a part of it during the trying time.

“The 2020-21 school year has come to a close for our Panthers and as we finish this chapter, I cannot help but be thankful for being blessed to be a part of this wonderful school district and community,” Begley said. “We are blessed because we have the opportunity to work with the finest students in the state of Kentucky. They have endured more than any child should to have and they have handled themselves with grace and persevered in the face of adversity. We are blessed because we have adults who have committed themselves to providing the children of our community with the best education that may be found in our great state. We are blessed because we have a community that swells with pride for the school and where generation upon generation sends their children through our schoolhouse doors to don the black and gold.

“We are blessed with a Board of Education that has over 100 years of combined service to the students of Russellville Independent Schools and who have always put students first. But above all, we are blessed to be in this together. For each of us plays a role in making this the best school district and community that one could wish to be a part of. We are all Panthers and, because of that, we are all united and united we shall remain forever.”

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