The Logan County High School Drama Department performed the one-act play “Uncool” for faculty and community on 23 April, in the school’s Commons Area. Due to COVID 19 restrictions, the audience was limited in size but the performance was made available for viewing via the school’s YouTube channel.

“Uncool,” was written by Vin Morreale, Jr. In describing his play, the author noted that the play is “For anyone who has ever been teased, picked on, called names, or felt left out in a crowd. In other words, for anyone who has ever grown up or gone to school.” The performance was well received and proved to be a fun way to address the power of words and the manner people — not just high school students—often thoughtlessly treat one another.

A troupe of the following nine actors made up the cast: Maggie Dukes, Sammy Henley, Leslie Hernandez-Moya, Shaunna King, Joshua Lawrence, Alison Moore, Chloe Newman, Kellie Proctor, and Ella Scott. KC Bond served as the crew. LCHS history instructor, Mr. Robbie Malcomson, made a surprise guest appearance as a lunchroom server.

Others worked behind the scenes on the production and their contributions are as follows: Mr. Benjamin Adams and his art students designed and painted the set, Mrs. Abbi Lillard’s students recorded the performance for YouTube, Mr. David Dayton handled issues with sound, and Mr. Justin Kirby served as the play’s director.

“Uncool” was performed with permission from and royalties paid to Dramatic Publishing.

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