What a great school year we’ve had at Auburn School so far! Here are a few things we would like to celebrate with our community.

We started a new rewards program for our students who meet our behavior expectations of being a responsible and respectful member of our school community. A student is nominated as a Tiger Hero each week per grade level. These students receive a Tiger Hero certificate and walk with Mr. Teel, our assistant principal, to the Auburn Minit Mart to pick out a candy bar.

The following students have been selected as a Tiger Hero so far this school year: Raegan Brown, Holden Butler, Ella Ranes, Bella Burgess, Brenlee Yates, Haylo Thompson, Liam McGinnis, Lilly Dayton, Fallon Pleasant, Emily Coleman, Kamryn Gregory, Duncan Adkins, Parker Adkins, Lexi Taylor, Ian Gunn, Nolin Starnater, Xander Rogers, Zach Craig, Blaire Costello, Auggie Arnold, Birdee Hughes, Kayden Freudenthal, Kayleen Hernandez, Sydney Pendleton, Garrett Vaden, Kennedy Farmer, Addie Rogers, Cameron Hunn, Maholy Escalante, Levi Deans, Deacon Costello, Michael Stout, Peighton Ashby, Ivy Coursey, Charlie Kramer, Jaden Dowell, Jude Watkins, Kasen Davis, Hadley Ibarra, Lylah Jane Crocker, Joshua Wheeler, Aliza Robertson, Bella Ruiz, Adelaide Wetton, and Anna Stanley. We are so proud of these students and all of their accomplishments!

We also are excited about our Tiger Rewards Day. All of our Auburn Tigers who meet our behavior expectations for a nine-week period are invited to go to Auburn Park for rewards time. During this time, students are able to play games, be with friends, and relax. We know that our students need time to socialize and feel valued for their hard work, and this initiative is just one way we can show our students how much we appreciate them.

Our teachers have started clubs to help build relationships with our students and to provide our students with opportunities to learn a new hobby or skill. We offer a variety of activities from DIY fidgets, 3D printing, photography, coding, Lego Club, Fitness Club, Advanced Art, and much more.

We’ve also installed speakers throughout the building to play fun music each morning as students come into school. We want our students to feel welcomed and excited to be at school, and the joyful music helps them be ready for the day.

Additionally, our FRYSC coordinator, Hope Strode, received a $100,000 grant through the GEER 2 funds. With this funding, our first step was enhancing our outdoor space for our students. Through Mrs. Strode’s tireless efforts, we now have a beautiful pavilion for an outdoor classroom, and we have extended our playground to provide our students with more play space. We also have new picnic tables on our playground that our students use for their mentor sessions with their teachers, to eat lunch, or to play games. These have been great additions to our playground this year.

Our school is also working with a variety of community partners to enhance the educational experience for our students. We partnered with the City of Auburn to offer a Pumpkin Trail at the Auburn Park track. All of our Kindergarten-3rd grade students painted a pumpkin in their Art classes. Ms. Kira Danziger, our Art teacher, loved helping students paint and decorate their pumpkins to display for their community and families.

Our 4th-grade classes walked to the Auburn Library and checked out books to advertise for the community to read. Mrs. Ellie Oliver wanted her students to experience going to a library, getting a library card, checking out a book, and then sharing their joy of reading with others. Students were very excited to visit our local library and be a part of their community.

We also welcomed the Mobile Dairy Unit for our 2nd-5th grade students. During this event, students were able to learn about the importance of farming in our community.

Also, thanks to many community members, we were able to create an amazing hay bale display in front of our school for the Logan County Tourism’s 6th Annual Hay Bale Trail, and we placed as Overall Winner and Theme Winner.

So many great things are happening at Auburn School, and what we’ve mentioned here are just small glimpses into the amazing work our students and staff do every day. At Auburn School, we know every day counts, every student matters, and that we are a happy school with a bright future.

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