Boyd, Latavia Tashay-05/15/2022-Reckless Driving-Fleeing Or Evading Police, 1st Degree (Motor Vehicle)-No Registration Receipt-Poss Of Open Alc Beverage Cont In Motor Veh Prohibited-Failure To Produce Insurance Card-Oper Mtr Veh U/influ Alc/drugs/etc. .08 (Agg Circum), 2nd-Driving DUI Suspended License — 1st Off (Agg Circum)-Driving On Dui Suspended License -1st Offense-Escape 3rd Degreeoper Mtr Vehicle U/infl Alc/subs (189A.010(1E) — 3rd (Agg Cir)-Wanton Endangerment-1st Degree-Police Officer

Brown, Michael L.-05/13/2022-Tbut Or Disp Shoplifting

Collins, Lisa D.-05/17/2022-Burglary, 1st Degree

Cook, Juston K.-05/17/2022-Violation Of Conditions Of Release-Drug Paraphernalia — Buy/possess-Poss Cont Sub, 1st Degree, 3Rd Or > Offense (Methamphetamine)

Edwards, Michael Lee-5/18/2022 -Operating On Sus Or Rev Oper License-No Registration Plates-Failure Of Owner To Maintain Required Ins/sec, 1st Off

Elmore, Terry S.-05/14/2022-Criminal Trespassing-3rd Degree

Gibson, Kyle L.-05/18/2022-Serving Parole Violation Warrant

Gorham, Leonta A.-05/14/2022-Official Misconduct — 2nd Degree

Guevara, Gelin O.-05/18/2022-Rape, 1st Degree — Victim-Sodomy, 1st Degree-Sexual Abuse, 1st Degree, Victim U/12 Years Of Age

Harpool, Kaitlyn A.-05/15/2022-Alcohol Intox In A Public Place (1st & 2nd Offense)

Harris, Joseph C.-05/17/2022-Criminal Mischief 3rd Degree-Oper Mtr Vehicle U/infl Alc/subs (189A.010(1E) — 1st

Hays, Jessica Danielle-05/18/2022-Conduct Acts That Require Lic. W/o Lic., Excise-Failure To Appear-Harassment (No Physical Contact)-Criminal Trespassing-3rd Degree-Probation Violation (For Technical Violation)-Non-Payment Of Court Costs, Fees Or Fines-Drug Paraphernalia — Buy/possess-Poss Cont Sub 1st Deg, 1st Off (Methamphetamine)-Poss Of Marijuana

Hendricks, Steven W.-05/18/2022 -Failure To Appear

Ingram, Kenneth Darren-05/18/2022-Failure To Appear

Jackson, Alexander D.-05/18/2022-Failure To Appear-Shock Probation In Felony Convictions-Probation Violation (For Felony Offense)-Unlawful Transaction W/minor 2nd Deg-Poss Of Marijuana

Keezel, Tina Raye-05/13/2022-Disorderly Conduct, 2nd Degree

Klumpp, Kasey J.-05/15/2022-Speeding 10 Mph Over Limit-Disregarding Rr Crossing Flasher Lights-No Registration Receipt-Failure Of Owner To Maintain Required Ins/sec, 1st Off-No Motorcycle Operators License-Failure To Appear

Ladd, Kelly E.-05/18/2022 -Failure To Or Improper Signal-Obstructed Vision And/or Windshield-Operating Vehicle With Expired Operators License-Failure To Appear-Prescription Cont Sub Not Proper Contain 1st Off-Poss Cont Sub 1st Deg 1st Off (Drug Unspecified)

Long, Dustin Earl-05/16/2022-Failure To Appear

Miller, Cletus R.-05/14/2022-Speeding 26 Mph Or > Speed Limit-Reckless Driving-Operating On Sus Or Rev Oper License-Failure To Surrender Revoked Operators License

Morgan, Jonathan G.-05/16/2022-Failure To Appear

Moten, Malora Michelle-05/16/2022-Failure To Appear-Promoting Contraband — 1st Degree

Penman, Marquez J.-05/17/2022-Failure To Produce Insurance Card-Careless Driving-Failure Of Owner To Maintain Required Ins/sec, 1st Off-Drug Paraphernalia — Buy/possess-Poss Of Marijuana-Traff In Cont Sub, 1st Degree, 1st Off — (> Or = 10 D.U. Opiates)1-Traff In Cont Sub, 1st Degree, 1st Off — (> Or = 10 D.U. Drug Unspecified)-Possession Of Synthetic Drugs — 1st Offense-Possession Of Handgun By Convicted Felon

Richardson, Kandice S.-05/13/2022-Fugitive From Another State — Warrant Required

Slagle, David O.-05/14/2022 -Murder

Smith, Camryn M.-05/17/2022-Failure To Appear

Smith, Tressa Ann-05/18/2022-Serving Bench Warrant For Court

Thomas, John Wayne-05/16/2022 -Probation Violation (For Felony Offense)-Probation Violation (For Technical Violation)-Receiving Stolen Property $1,000 < $10,000

Turner, David L.-05/17/2022-No Registration Receipt-No Registration Plates-Failure Of Non-Owner Operator To Maintain Req Ins/sec, 1st Off-Drug Paraphernalia — Buy/possess-Poss Cont Sub 1st Deg 1st Off (Heroin)-Poss Of Marijuana

West, Stacey Lynn-05/18/2022-Failure To Appear-Theft By Deception-Include Cold Checks

Wilson, Justin Michael-05/12/2022-Oper Mtr Vehicle U/infl Alc/subs (189A.010(1E) — 1st

Wolfe, Stephanie Lynn-05/14/2022-Failure To Appear

Woods, Timothy M.-05/18/2022-Endangering The Welfare Of A Minor-Giving Officer False Identifying Information-Wanton Endangerment-1st Degree

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