Eight-year-old Abby Scruggs is learning all about how to grow things, including empathy for others by way of her family’s greenhouse Lazy E Farms out in Chandlers Chapel.

“I love to be outside and I like to grow things,” said Abby who is homeschooled. “I like to help people too.”

A few of the things Abby has grown recently include Hens & Chicks as well as lavender. These plants not only bringing her joy as she watches what a little patience and watering can produce but also brings her satisfaction when she donates the money she makes from selling the plants to a worthwhile cause.

For Abby, Alzheimer’s is a very big word. The pronunciation of it may be a little hard for her but its meaning is much easier to understand, even at her age, after seeing her great-grandmother suffer its effects. This is why Abby decided to match one of her favorite things, being outdoors, with something she saw first-hand take her grandmother’s life earlier in the year.

“My Granny passed away from Alzheimer’s,” said Abby. “I want to help stop it and keep other people from getting it.” Abby has also lost other grandparents to the terrible disease as well.

This isn’t the first time Abby has given of her time and effort. Last year she sold enough Hens & Chicks to donate over $700 to the homeless.

“Her father and I are very proud of her for thinking of other people,” said Abby’s mother Kayla who is a Hosparus nurse. “When she said she wanted to help others, it immediately touched our hearts. We couldn’t ask for a better daughter and we are blessed and thankful each and every day for her.”

Lazy E Farms Greenhouse is located at 145 Turner Road, Auburn. You can visit and see what Abby has grown, as well as many other items offered including hanging plants, flowers, and a variety of vegetable plants.

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