Dates have changed for Logan County’s up-and-coming Waste Tire Collection event but the location is still yet to be determined.

July 29th, 30th, and half a day on the 31st, citizens will be able to dispose of as many tires as they want for free.

The last Waste Tire Collection event in Logan County was held in April 2018. Once known as Tire Amnesty, this weekend-long event is offered every three years.

Where the event will be held is currently being discussed. Due to COVID-19, the state transportation cabinet has said no to holding it at the state garage on Nashville Street in Russellville where it has been held in the past.

Nathan Cockrill, the County Solid Waste Coordinator, said he is looking into having it at the old fairgrounds on Hopkinsville Road. However, the Industrial Development Authority (IDA) now owns that property and would have to give its permission. The county road barn is another suggested space, however, it may not be big enough, as the event expects 25,000 plus tires.

In the past, the event did not accept tires with large beads (the inside edge of the tire that connects to the wheel) over 1 and 3/4 inches, solid/filled tires, tracks, and large off-the-road tires. Tire recycling businesses or out-of-state tires are also prohibited.

“A major problem in the past has been out of state residents coming in. We just don’t have the room or ability to take their tires,” said Cockrill.

Recycling tires is a great way to make the county look better, as well as help the environment. Old tires can be an eyesore, breed mosquitoes, and be a home to other pest animals. But if recycled, old tires can be made into new tires, fuel, athletic tracks, and playground surfaces, among other things.

The county’s litter abatement crews still find tires on the sides of the roads in Logan County, however, with the Waste Tire Collection event being held every few years, those numbers have drastically lowered.

To participate in the Waste Tire Collection event, you must provide your driver’s license or proof of Logan County residency.

For additional questions concerning tire collection, please call 270-726-7220.

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