Fuqua's contributions to community, local library live on

There is an old African proverb that says, “If we stand tall, it is because we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us.” It speaks to how any great deeds that we do are predicated on the legacy of the visionaries who made what we do today possible. One of our local visionaries, the late Marcia Fuqua, recently passed away on Aug. 20, 2021, and her many contributions to our community will live on for many years to come.

As a founding board member of the Logan County Public Library, Ms. Fuqua’s impact on our library’s operations continues to this very day. Below is a tribute from Evelyn Richardson, who knew Ms. Fuqua well:

“Marcia was on the original Library Board of Trustees, appointed in 1966. Serving with her were H.S. Ray, George Marion Bailey, Mrs. Sopie Lashbrook, and Roger Kimball.

She continued on the board for 17 years, filling officer positions as secretary and as president.

Library board members receive no pay but serve because of their interest in making the community better through what a public library can offer. The board is charged with hiring a director, and overseeing the total operation of the library. This means monthly meetings, and often special meetings in between.

Marcia was always there, offering her vision and efforts. When not involved with the library, she was doing her part and more in community organizations, such as the Hospital Auxiliary and its geranium sales, as well as church activities, including the United Methodist Women’s Taster’s Luncheon that earns funds for mission work. Fuqua was an active member of the United Methodist Temple (over 60 years) and held various leadership positions in numerous organizations, including the American Cancer Society, KET, and the Junior League of St. Joseph, Mo. She not only served as president of the Logan County Library Board when the new library was built in 1967, but she was also the first Chairperson of the fundraiser for South Union Shaker Village in 1990. She was also a founding member of the IVQ Club.

Marcia was born in St. Joseph, Mo. on Aug. 29, 1933, to the late Walter Ramsey Randall and Ruth Bristow Randall. She attended Hollins College. After two years at Hollins, she transferred to the University of Missouri and completed her degree in Elementary Education. While at the University of Missouri she pledged Kappa Alpha Theta.

A few years ago, Marcia was organizing her good life at home. She ran across files that she had accumulated when she was on the board, and she placed them in the present library for historical purposes.

I looked through those files last week and found her formal letter of resignation from the board. It was written July 18, 1983, and expresses so well her heartfelt love of the library and Logan County.

‘Dear fellow members of the Logan County Library Board, and your predecessors:

I have enjoyed serving with each of you in our constant effort to provide the people of our area with the finest library facilities possible.

I now feel it is time to provide others, who are interested in building on the foundation we have established, an opportunity not only to continue what I feel has been our course of excellence but also to infuse new ideas into our library programs in hopes of making it an ever-improving service to our citizens.

Therefore, I submit to you my resignation as a member of the library board, to become effective upon the appointment of my successor.

Please accept my thanks for your cooperation with me during my tenure as your chairman, and rest assured of my continued dedication to the goals of our library.

Sincerely, Marcia R. Fuqua’

We are, indeed, grateful for Marcia’s association with the library and express our appreciation for the many places of service she filled in our community.

We still reap the rewards of Ms. Fuqua’s many years of dedication and service to beginning our library’s “course of excellence” that we proudly continue today. I would also like to gratefully acknowledge the numerous memorial donations that have been made to our library in her honor. May we recall with great pride those who paved the way, as we continue to push forward to serve our community.

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