Haley Auctions & Realty in conjunction with Dixie Longears will be hosting a Family Mule Jamboree & Festival on April 10 at 9 a.m. at the office, located at 51 Sold Lane, Russellville.

There will be several exhibitions on this day, some of the best mules in the country will be featured.

Several demonstrations will be given as well, showing how these beautiful mules work different pieces of farm equipment, log rolling, and log loading on a wagon with a team. The event will show how mules were an intricate and necessary piece of history and did everything back in the old days. There will also be a blacksmith demonstration, wagon rides for the public, and a kiddy train for the kids. Fun for the whole family can be had at the Mule Jamboree & Festival.

The festival will provide an opportunity for ‘ole time mule skinners’ to share their stories, tall tales, talents and mishaps with visitors, mule enthusiasts, and future mule skinners as well.

There are so many family activities and events that mules can be involved in within today’s society. Mules are a great way to teach, learn patience, opens the door to many outdoor activities, and can be a hobby that involves the whole family, from grandparents to the youngest child in the family. The festival will be a place for older family members to reminisce with younger generations and share their own experiences.

A few other items on the schedule include an ice cream machine, bluegrass music, concessions, and much more.

Bring your chair, an adventurist mind, and enjoy seeing how mules actively fit in today’s society.

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