BRDHD releases email for vaccine waiting list

Production on the COVID-19 vaccine may be picking up soon and there may be a possibility of getting more here in Logan County in a few weeks, according to Judge-Executive Logan Chick who also serves as chairman for the Barren River District Health Department.

Chick says he is not trying to get people’s hopes up but does want them to try and stay positive that the vaccine will soon be here for them.

“I can only hope and be positive,” said Chick who has been frustrated along with many over the past few weeks at the low number of vaccines received in Logan County. “Right now, the only thing I can do is to encourage everyone to be patient, continue wearing your masks, and stay at least six feet from one another.”

The Barren River District Health Department, who is currently administering COVID-19 vaccine for individuals in Phase 1a and 1b, released a statement Friday, Jan. 22 saying its agency will have the capacity to add to its current waiting lists on Monday, Jan. 25 with the understanding the waiting lists will contain more names than available vaccines.

“At this time, the waiting lists are only for individuals 70 years of age and older. We have been informed by the Kentucky Department for Public Health that we will not receive any primer doses (first doses) for at least three-four weeks. Starting with the earliest registrant, we will work our way down the lists to schedule appointments based on available vaccine. To add your name to the waiting list, please visit You can also find this link on our homepage at If you do not have internet access and do not have someone to assist you with the online process, please call the Barren River District Health Department at 270-781-8039 and press option 1.”

Judge Chick said from what he has heard from people who have called him about registering with this new information, it was fairly simple and they are registered now.

“I will be glad when we can get more of the vaccine out there,” said Chick. “It looks like the state totals are down compared to two weeks ago as far as people getting the virus.”

The Medical Center at Bowling Green — Med Center Health released a statement on Wednesday, Jan. 20 saying they were encouraged by the number of Kentuckians who want to be vaccinated and are asking for everyone’s continued patience as they work through the request list. Presently, over 12,000 submitted requests remain to be scheduled.

“To date, Med Center Health has administered over 10,300 doses of the vaccine to qualified individuals in the state’s phase 1a and 1b categories. We are scheduling qualified individuals who have texted or emailed Med Center Health as quickly as possible and as the limited supply of vaccine arrives. We are notified on a weekly basis the number of doses that will be provided by the Kentucky Department of Public Health and are not able to schedule more appointments than the number of doses sent to us.

“To those qualified individuals in phase 1a and 1b who have submitted a request but have not yet received an appointment response, we ask that you not resubmit another request as doing so will only move the request further back in line and further delay the appointment date.

“If you have been provided an assigned date and time for your vaccination at Med Center Health and have received an assigned vaccination day and time at another location in Kentucky, please cancel your appointment at Med Center Health by texting CANCEL to 270-796-3200.

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