The Logan County Burden Bearers received a blessing Tuesday from members of the fiscal court when a request for financial aid came in higher than anticipated.

Brother Mike Humble, founder of the county’s Burden Bearer program, spoke to members of the court asking for whatever help they could give. The county usually budgets $1,000 annually for the non-profit agency, however, it doesn’t always come to collect.

“We try not to ask for things. We are here to serve,” said a humble Humble.

For the 2021-2022 fiscal year, the county will be contributing $3,000 instead of the $1,000 after magistrate Barry Joe Wright made a motion to do so.

“It’s really a blessing,” said Brother Humble.

The Logan County Burden Bearers are a group made up of mostly pastors, volunteering their time to serve as chaplains to Logan County’s emergency personnel and those who are affected by tragedy. The agency began in 2001 shortly after the Sept. 11 attacks on our country. Humble, who saw firsthand the horror of what had happened in New York and as he served coffee to emergency workers, said his heart went out to them. He was so impressed by the support system of chaplains during that time, he returned to Logan County realizing that our local emergency workers have a lot to deal with as well and could use the help.

The organization is mostly funded through the Agape Service Foundation but receives small contributions from the city of Russellville, the ministerial association, police and fire departments when they can, and businesses that provide supplies at times. Funds are used for training, uniforms, food and drink for first responders on scene, and paying for those who need a night’s stay in a hotel after a fire or a homeless situation.

There are currently five chaplains in Logan County. In 2020, the agency was called out 482 times to help.

“I don’t think a $1,000 is enough,” said magistrate Jason Harper before Wright made his motion to increase the amount. Wright noted he made the motion to make up for the agency not coming to the county last year for help. He said he wanted to increase the amount if the rest of the court and the judge were okay with it.

“Well, I’m not going to go against God that’s for sure,” said Judge-Executive Logan Chick who voted yes along with the rest of the court.

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