Logan County JROTC Raider teams: All Male — 3rd best team in the Nation, Mixed Team — National Champions in One Rope Bridge, and All Female — 5th best team in the Nation.

Logan County JROTC Raider teams competed in the All Service National Championships in Molena, Ga. on Nov. 3, 2022. The All Service Competition consisted of 55 teams from 22 states. Logan County competed with three teams: Male Division, Mixed Division, and Female Division. The Raiders peaked at the right time, recording personal best times in every event. Four months of hard work, dedication, and living up to the team motto — Blood, Sweat, and Tears, enabled these Raiders to leave everything they had on the competition field. They proved to be some of the Best Raiders in the nation!

The Cougar Male team was on fire starting the day out with a 4K mountain team run with a time of 16:39, an excellent time that gave them a 2nd-place finish. They moved to the One Rope Bridge, beating their personal best time by 15 seconds (a monumental feat) with a time of 2:28. This time proved to be good enough for a third-place finish. Moving to the third event, the ½ mile Physical Team Test, the team shaved 25 seconds off their personal best time, posting a time of 3:13 which was good for a third-place finish. After a quick break to eat an apple or two, they moved to the last event, the weighted one-mile gauntlet. This event consists of moving 300lbs of equipment one mile through various obstacles. They posted a 6:36 time which was good for a 5th-place finish. After all teams were done competing, the male team finished 3rd in the nation overall. Our team consistently gets better each year. We started at 15th in the nation five years ago and have worked hard to reach this milestone.

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