Mounding trash in a Logan County subdivision has magistrate Tyler Davenport bothered, seeking solutions that never came.

Davenport brought the issue to the fiscal court table Tuesday saying there has to be something the court can do to curve the problem.

“In a subdivision, you have people on each side of you. If a house among those houses has bags of trash stacked up that have been there for months, with animals tearing into it, and dirty toilet paper rolling up on somebody’s back door, we’ve got to have something we can do to help, right? That’s not fair to people who live around other people” said Davenport adding, “Does anyone have any recommendations?”

It was explained during Tuesday’s court meeting by county attorney Joe Ross, issues such as this are more of a civil situation and not a criminal one, making it a little more difficult to solve. Ross added that cities usually have code enforcement boards to handle those issues.

“Anytime the court discusses code enforcement, everybody gets worried about it,” Davenport responded. “I don’t think code enforcement is the direction the county needs to go. I’m not saying let’s tell people what to do with their property. I’m saying when something like this affects people around you, there has to be something that can be done. I’m talking about trash or litter coming on to someone else’s property.”

Davenport believes the county’s solid waste coordinator Nathan Cockrill does a great job but he is not sure he has enough authority to step in.

“It seems like Nathan can send letters and knock on doors but it doesn’t change things in a quick manner,” Davenport said.

Cockrill said it’s a tough problem for sure adding the case Davenport is referring, definitely crosses a boundary.

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