The 13th class of the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA) Hall of Fame includes 10 athletic administrators. The NIAAA Hall of Fame was created to honor retired Athletic Administrators who had exemplary careers in athletic administration both prior to as well as after the formation of the NIAAA.

The 52nd National Athletic Directors Conference was held in Denver, Co. and the 2021 Hall of Fame class was honored on Tuesday, Dec. 14.

The 2021 NIAAA Hall of Fame class includes Bob Rossi, CMAA, a retired athletic administrator from Flemington, New Jersey and current resident of Naples, Florida.; Bruce Brown, CMAA, a 17-year director of athletics from Strasburg, Ohio who unfortunately passed in June of 2020; Craig Perry, CMAA, a retired athletic administrator from Andover, Minnesota and NIAAA LTI National Faculty member; David Balmer, a deceased retired director of athletics from Arrowhead Union High School in Hartland, Wisconsin; Hugh McReynolds, CMAA, a retired director of athletics from Lewisburg, Kentucky and current executive director of the Kentucky High School Athletic Directors Association; Jim Piccolo, a retired athletic administrator with 34 years of experience from Stanwood, Washington; Larry Schwenke, CMAA a retired athletic administrator from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho with 15 years in athletic administration; Martin O’Hern, CMAA, a 19-year veteran in athletic administration and executive director for the Missouri Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association; Mike Garvey, CMAA, a retired athletic administrator from Lawton, Michigan and 20-year member of the NIAAA; Sister Lynn Winsor, CMAA, a 43-year director of athletics from Xavier College Preparatory in Phoenix, Arizona.

Hugh McReynolds, CMAA retired in 2015 from athletic administration after 24 years in the profession. He continues to be involved as the executive director of the Kentucky High School Athletic Directors Association (KHSADA).

McReynolds last worked at Logan County High School where he added multiple sports and teams. He implemented cross country, swimming, volleyball, archery, soccer, and bass fishing.

Moreover, he oversaw the construction and renovation of numerous athletic facilities such as the football field, softball field, auxiliary gym, weight facility, cross country course, and more.

Prior to becoming the executive director for KHSADA, McReynolds was on their board of directors for 12 years. At one point he was president for two years. In addition, McReynolds was a CAA test administrator in Kentucky and an NIAAA liaison.

At the national level, McReynolds was involved in numerous fashions. He was a member of the 4th NIAAA Strategic Planning committee. He also chaired the Sports Turf/Facilities committee at one point. In 2014, McReynolds published an article in the Interscholastic Athletic Administration on maintaining sports fields.

He has been involved in the Leadership Training Institute and is the course chair for LTC 615 and 619. He is a finisher of 42 LTCs himself. His dedication to the NIAAA is also shown through him attending 24 straight National Conferences.

McReynolds was awarded the NIAAA State Award of Merit in 2007 and the KHSADA Jim Watkins Award of Excellence in 2016.

About the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA)

The NIAAA is an accredited organization through Cognia and is the professional organization for interscholastic athletic administrators. Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, the NIAAA’s mission is to provide professional development options for directors of athletics and to enhance the athletic administration profession. Since 1977, the NIAAA has served those who lead education-based athletic programs in the nation’s schools. With a current individual membership of nearly 13,000, the NIAAA consists of member state athletic administrator associations in the 50 states, the District of Columbia, as well as internationally. Including a 53-course Leadership Training curriculum, six levels of certification, and leadership opportunities, the NIAAA is the professional leader in assisting athletic administrators or individuals in roles that lead school-based sports programs. The NIAAA champions the profession of athletic administration through education opportunities, advocating ethics, developing leaders, and fostering community. For more information, visit the NIAAA website at

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