Kentucky Aviation Association Legislative Committee honors Sobey

Russellville-Logan County Airport Manager Cassie Sobey was recently honored by the Kentucky Aviation Association Legislative Committee for her assistance in amending the SPGE Law with HB 377, signed into Law March 24, 2020.

The Kentucky Aviation Association, KAA, is an organization dedicated to supporting, assisting, and promoting aviation in Kentucky. The Kentucky Aviation Association Legislative Committee is the organization instrumental in changing the SPGE (Special Purpose Government Entities) law HB 377.

The KAA and the Legislative Committee spent an enormous amount of time going through 300 plus pages of the law to ensure it was amended thereby taking excessive financial pressure off smaller airports in Kentucky. Sobey’s role in assisting with this process was to testify before the House Legislators in Frankfort as to the financial and administrative burden this law was placing on smaller airports.

“I am very honored to have been recognized for my part in this process,” said Sobey giving credit to the Legislative Committee for all of their hard work.

Sobey has worked in aviation for many years in South Africa and says there is no comparison to the tremendous support the aviation sector in Kentucky receives from the aviation authorities, bodies, and associations.

“The Kentucky Department of Aviation, KDA, is amazing in championing the local airports, and they also assist with funding certain projects at the airports. They are always available to answer any questions and steer you in the right direction,” said Sobey who came to direct the local airport in 2017.

Sobey was also named General Aviation Airport Manager of the Year in 2018.

“We are all very proud of our local airport, it has been described by many who fly in, as the jewel of Kentucky, and this I can honestly say is due to the hard work and dedication of our board of directors,” said Sobey. “They all spend many hours planning the future of the airport, assisting with maintenance and upkeep of the airport with no financial reward.”

Sobey goes on to mention George Offutt, who spends many hours a year bush-hogging the airport grounds and maintaining the tractor and bush hog equipment. Steve Dilliha, airport board chairman, spends a huge amount of time working on documentation for the improvement of the airport, including the 5-year future planning for development and growth. Charles Cooper, who has an airplane based at the airport and is a pilot himself, assisting with all electrical issues at the airport and is always available and happy to jump in and assist with any issues that occur there. Steve Ramsey with his management experience and organizational abilities, making sure the airport’s vision keeps moving forward. Sobey says Steve is always planning for the growth and expansion of the airport. Chris Becker very kindly assists with all maintenance and technical issues and is so thoughtful, said Sobey adding he even erected an umbrella over her mower so that she didn’t become a “fried crisp” on the extremely hot days. And last but certainly not least, is the newest board member Jon Keith Smith. Sobey says, he too, has an airplane based at the airport and is a pilot himself, having vast experience in farm management and finances, and has progressive ideas in the managing of the airport.

“The Kentucky Department of Aviation has said that many airports have failed because the boards are not unified as a body, or are disinterested and unmotivated. Without proper planning, the runway surfaces would fail and the airport would quickly become unserviceable, however, this is certainly not the case with Russellville-Logan County Airport as we have a terrific dedicated board who service the community outstandingly,” Sobey said.

The Russellville-Logan County Airport belongs to the city and county and therefore belongs to the people of the city and county.

“The airport welcomes the public to come and visit, bring the family, and watch planes take off and land while enjoying the beautiful surroundings,” Sobey said.

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