LCHS participates in virtual Kentucky Youth Assembly conference

LCHS KYA Delegation left to right are Sydni Blick, Jimmy Anderson, Lillian Harris, Cole Mercer, Braden Rogers, Breanna Greenwood, and Matthew Taylor.

A group of seven Logan County High School students recently participated in the Kentucky Youth Assembly (KYA) — the first time in remembered school history. At the two-day virtual event, sponsored by YMCA of Kentucky, students from across the state researched topics, wrote, presented, and defended bill proposals, as well as, debated and voted on other schools’ proposals.

During the conference, LCHS had two groups that presented a bill to their respective houses.

Commonwealth Bill 2 (CB2), sponsored by Lillian Harris and Breanna Greenwood, was the only bill to be unanimously passed by both the conference’s House and Senate. CB2 argued that a statue of Alice Dunnigan should be placed in the Capitol Rotunda in the area recently vacated with the removal of the Jefferson Davis statue.

Bluegrass Bill 2 (BB2), sponsored by Jimmy Anderson, Sydni Blick, and Cole Mercer (assisted by Braden Rogers and Matthew Taylor), passed the Senate unanimously and the House on a vote of 11-3. The bill was awarded the Most Outstanding Bill for the Bluegrass Chamber. BB2 argued for the implementation/ establishment of voluntary Emotional Support Service Teams in graded 6-12 schools.

Both Bills were signed favorably by the Governor of the Conference.

Of the schools participating in the virtual conference, only one other school was successful at passing a Bill in both chambers.

At the conference’s conclusion, the LCHS delegation was designated as a KYA Premier Delegation, which signified the group’s thoughtful engagement into the KYA process and representation of the KYA core values.

Individually, Lillian Harris was awarded an Outstanding Delegate Award for her thought-provoking presentation and debate.

The Kentucky Youth Assembly is an expanded, educational opportunity in which students serve as part of a model state government. KYA offers students the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of issues, develop critical thinking skills, and articulate their beliefs while engaging constructively with their peers from around the Commonwealth.

LCHS KYA sponsors are Mr. Adam Webster and Mr. Carson Zibart. The delegation would like to recognize Ms. Gracen Williams, CSW, for her helpful information concerning the creation of their mental health bill.

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