BJ Ferguson is the new police chief for the City of Auburn. He is not new to the scene, however, as he has been serving as a patrolman in the city since 2018.

Ferguson stepped into the role of chief after long-serving law enforcement officer Larry Jones resigned the position. A veteran police officer, Jones worked in law enforcement for 37 years. He served the citizens in Logan County through both the sheriff’s department and the Russellville Police Department before his post in Auburn.

“I will continue to serve the City of Auburn, just in a little bit of a different role,” said Ferguson who is originally from Owensboro.

Auburn’s City Council unanimously voted to promote Ferguson at its August City Council meeting. Council members had nothing but good things to say about his service to the city.

Ferguson graduated from Daymar College in 2009 earning a degree in Criminal Justice. He graduated from the Police Academy in Richmond, Ky. in 2013. Before coming to Auburn, Ferguson worked for the Owensboro Police Department.

“I wanted something new and saw an advertisement seeking a police officer in Auburn,” said Ferguson how he came to Logan County. “I didn’t even know where Auburn was,” he chuckled.

Being in law enforcement is something Ferguson has always wanted to do. He says he can remember when he was a kid playing “cops and robbers,” and knowing that being the “good guy” was what he wanted to grow up to be.

“I just want to be able to help people and make a difference,” said Auburn’s new chief. “Knowing at the end of the day, even if someone doesn’t see it, I may have made a difference in their life. That makes it worth it to me.”

Ferguson and his girlfriend Meagan have three children, Makayla, 14; Lukas, 11, and Lorelei, 2.

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