Clayton, Jarrett J.-06/03/2022-Inadequate Silencer (Muffler)-Vehicle A Nuisance, Noisy, Etc.-Drug Paraphernalia — Buy/possess-Poss Cont Sub 1st Deg, 1st Off (Methamphetamine)-Poss Of Marijuana

Corbell, Richard J.-06/07/2022-Failure To Appear-Tbut Or Disp Auto — $500 Or More But U/$10,000-Persistent Felony Offender I

Davis, Clyde D.-06/04/2022-Driving Dui Suspended License — 1st Off (Agg Circum)

Davis, Katrina L.-06/04/2022 -Disorderly Conduct, 2nd Degree-Poss Cont Sub, 3rd Degree — Drug Unspecified

Fisher, Daniel T.-06/08/2022-Rape, 1st Degree — Victim-Rape 2nd Degree-No Force-Sodomy, 1st Degree — Victim-Sodomy 2nd Degree-Sexual Abuse, 1st Degree, Victim U/12 Years Of Age-Incest — Forcible Compulsion/incapable Of Consent Or U/18 Yoa-Unlawful Transaction W/minor, 1st — Illegal Sex Act, U/16 Yoa

Garza, Elijah J.-06/08/2022-Driving Without License/negligence In Accident-Leaving Scene Of Accident-Failure To Render Aid Or Assistance-Unauthorized Use Of Motor Vehicle-1st Offense-Poss Of Marijuana

Gipson, Amy C.-06/03/2022-Careless Driving-No Operators-Moped License-Operating On Sus Or Rev Oper License-No Registration Plates-Failure Of Owner To Maintain Required Ins/sec, 1st Off-Failure To Appear-Non-Payment Of Court Costs, Fees Or Fines-Tbut Or Disp Gasoline U/$500-Drug Paraphernalia — Buy/possess-Poss Cont Sub 1st Deg, 1st Off (Methamphetamine)-Poss Of Marijuana-Tampering With Physical Evidence

Hardesty, Ania A.-06/06/2022-Assault, 2nd Degree

Hardesty, Tiffany M.-06/06/2022 -Assault, 2nd Degree

Hightower, Christopher J.-06/04/2022-Assault, 4th Degree (Domestic Violence) No Visible Injury

Luster, Floyd A.-06/03/2022-Speeding 18 Mph Over Limit-Operating On Sus Or Rev Oper License-No Registration Plates-Failure Of Non-Owner Operator To Maintain Req Ins/sec, 2nd Off-Display Of Illegal/altered Registration Plate-Poss Cont Sub 1st Deg 1st Off (Opiates)-Poss Cont Sub 1st Deg, 1st Off (Methamphetamine)

Norris, Willie Lee-06/07/2022-Failure To Appear

Ollie, Aneesha D.-06/07/2022-Speeding 10 Mph Over Limit-Operating On Sus Or Rev Oper License-No Insurance “obs”-Failure To Appear

Owen, Joseph W.-06/08/2022-Contempt Of Court Libel/slander Resistance To Order-Drug Paraphernalia — Buy/possess-Poss Of Marijuana

Reyes-Juarez, Edgar-06/04/2022-No Operators-Moped License-Poss Of Open Alc Beverage Cont In Motor Veh Prohibited-Failure To Produce Insurance Card-Obstructing A Highway-Oper Mtr Vehicle U/infl Alc .08 (189A.010(1A) — 1st

Scantland, Teresa Lynn-06/03/2022 -Dependency Action — UJC

Sloan, Traci Diann-06/03/2022-Failure To Appear-Public Intoxication-Control Sub(Excludes Alcohol)-Criminal Trespassing-3rd Degree-Criminal Trespassing-2nd Degree

Smith, Tressa Ann-06/05/2022-Contempt Of Court Libel/slander Resistance To Order

Thomas, Jerry W.-06/08/2022-Alcohol Intox In A Public Place (1st & 2nd Offense)

Vicente Requena, Delvin Osmar-06/04/2022-Serving Bench Warrant For Court

Watkins, Merle D.-06/06/2022-Contempt Of Court Libel/slander Resistance To Order

Wilson, Elmer J.-06/08/2022-Probation Violation (For Technical Violation)

Woosley, Rodney E.-06/06/2022-Failure To Appear

Yates, Brenton M.-06/08/2022-Assault, 4th Degree (Minor Injury)

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