The Logan County Farm Bureau Federation held its annual meeting Saturday, Sept. 11th at the Logan County Extension Complex with 157 meals served. The Logan County FFA Chapter prepared a box lunch that included a grilled pork chop sandwich. Due to the COVID-19 virus situation, this was a drive-by event with 67 cars that drove by. Many Door Prizes and Goody Bags were also handed out. William David Johnson was the gift basket winner of the random ticket drawing.

President Doug Milliken presided over the business meeting. The following resolutions were approved to be submitted to KYFB for policy development:

1. We recommend that KY Farm Bureau develop a policy to deal with the construction and expansion of Solar Electricity Facilities on Kentucky farmland. Please consider the protection of farm owners in long-term lease agreements and purchases of agricultural land. We recommend that all such land is not just covered with gravel or stone beneath the solar panels. We also recommend that at the expiration of all leases or the discontinued use of all purchased Agricultural land for solar power production, that the land be returned to agricultural production by the owner of the solar panels. This issue affects 1,600 acres of Logan County Farmland at this time.

2. We recognize that care for water and the environment is vital to the sustainability and productivity of all the aspects of agricultural production of food and fiber. However, we oppose the return to the original versions of the Waters of The United States ACT which gives the EPA and Federal government what we consider excessive control over private property and governmental over-reach into the management of agricultural property. We believe the landowner should retain the primary control over production, use, and maintenance decisions of all streams and water sources on their property that are not true navigable water sources. The definition of “navigable water” should not include water that is not actually navigable, such as small streams, springs, ponds, wells, drainage ditches, grass waterways, seasonal wet areas, or areas subject to occasional flooding. Also, once established, the definition of navigable water should remain consistent from administration to administration and not be subject to change or redefining by new regulations.

3. We are opposed to the teaching of Critical Race Theory in our Kentucky and National school systems.

Jay Campbell presented the nominating committee report. The following officers were elected for 2022: President, Doug Milliken; 1st Vice President, Grant Hildabrand; 2nd Vice President, Thomas Poole; Treasurer, Jeremy Robertson; Women’s Chairman, Catherine Poole; Women’s Co-Chairman, Karen Milliken, and Young Farmer’s Chairman, Wesley Estes.

Directors elected for a two-year term were: Bobby Dawson, Richard Moore, Gary Jenkins, Jennifer Ferris, Daniel Johnson, Grant Hildabrand, Dwight Grise, Russell Poore, Doug Milliken, Karen Milliken, Wesley Estes, Morgan Estes, Gary Hendricks, Colton Hunter, Lilly Hunter, and Catherine Poole.

Directors with one year left to serve are John Alcott, Ray Hughes, Jerry Hughes, Carrell Hughes, Albert Brown, Patsy Poore, Thomas Poole, Jeremy Robertson, Tabitha Robertson, Jay Campbell, Brandon Robey, and Paul Gripshover. Gracie Spears will serve a one-year term while president of Logan County FFA.

The following people will be presented their respective awards on a later date: LeeAnn Martin, Distinguished Service to AG; Frances Brown, Distinguished Service to Logan County Farm Bureau; Josh and Ashley Crocker, 2021 Logan County Farm Bureau Young Farm Family, and Triple H Farms, (Ray, Charlie, and Danny Hughes) Logan County Farm of the Year.

Logan County Farm Bureau appreciates the assistance of the Logan County FFA chapter members for cooking, and help with this event.

The KYFB Annual meeting will be held at the Gault House, Louisville, Dec. 1-4, 2021.

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