Logan County Fiscal Court will be partnering with the Logan County Extension Service and Logan County Fair Board in moving forward with constructing an outdoor arena. A grant will be applied for to help pay for the $750,000 to 1 million dollar project that will be built next to the Ag Arena on the bypass in Russellville. Right now the process is in its early stages and finality depends on obtaining the funding for the project. The fair board and extension service will be speaking with an architect soon and working on a design proposal.

Leann Martin, an agent with the extension service said, “I represent both the fair board and extension service. As an extension service, we are excited to be a part of this. Our services provide things for everybody in the community and I think this is an outstanding opportunity for us. Being that it’s a little outside of our scope, we are coming to you (fiscal court) as a partnership with us and the fair board so we can maintain a community partnership to allow this to happen in moving forward. The extension service will be managing the arena much as we do with the buildings we already have. The arena will ecstatically match everything else on the property.”

Martin said this has been a request for many years, and hopefully, with this grant opportunity, along with a commitment from community partners, the project can happen for the community.

Fair Board member Dee Dee Brown said, “We are really excited about this opportunity. We’ve been building the fair every year and this is hopefully a step forward to being able to do bigger and better things for the community.”

The outdoor arena would be utilized for a plethora of activities including fair-related events better suited outdoors such as a demolition derby, Monster Trucks, tractor pulls, animal shows, etc. However, the arena would also serve as a concert venue and an educational space.

Martin said the arena would be at least 250-350 feet long, the stands would seat at least 2,000, and there would be concessions and restrooms. The current indoor Ag arena seats 1,600.

“This is a great opportunity,” said Magistrate Tyler Davenport. “Anything we do at the Ag Center, we can’t go wrong.”

“I appreciated all the leg work and the time the fair board has put into getting this started,” said magistrate Jason Harper. “If we get this grant, that’s amazing. If we don’t, there still needs to be a conversation moving forward. There will just need to be more skin in the game from all parties. I’m committed to it and I think the rest of us on the court are. We are excited about seeing what’s going to happen next year.

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