In December 2020, Logan County’s fiscal court approved a tax incentive for Rane Precision Die Casting, an industry in Russellville, for an expansion project to add 36 jobs at $19 an hour average. The industry, at the time, did not complete its application with Kentucky Business Incentive (KBI) to move forward but is now ready to apply.

This package will be a shared agreement between the county and the City of Russellville as an adjustment in the payroll tax for the 36 jobs only. The city of Russellville and Logan County would each give up 1% occupational tax to match with the state’s 3%.

“This is an important project to Logan County and we appreciate the company’s contrition to the regional economic economy and their commitment to invest and grow their business,” said Judge-Executive Logan Chick Tuesday, July 13 when court members voted once again to offer the incentive.

Jim DeCesare with the DeCesara Group, who is now leading Logan County’s Economic Development Authority (LEAD), briefly spoke to the court Tuesday about his new role and the importance of growing industry that are already here in Logan County.

“This is about job retention, growth, and investment in the community. Nobody likes to give away tax revenue but this is part of the incentive package,” said DeCesare who took over for recently retired Tom Harned.

“I am happy to be in Logan County representing economic development. I think we have a lot of great opportunities ahead of us, not only in creating new opportunities and bringing new industries to Logan County but also with this vote today. Job retention and keeping the industries and jobs here is important,” DeCesare said. “I have a soft spot on my heart for Logan County, we have family here. I’m excited to take Tom’s spot, he has some big shoes to fill.”

DeCesare teased the court saying there would be some exciting announcements coming up soon, things in the works that will make for a good year this year and next.

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