Keeping contraband out of the jail is a continuing challenge all jails deal with on a daily basis. From illegal drugs to weapons that can harm others, inmates try to find many clever ways to smuggle in these items as well as many more.

Several detention centers, including Logan County’s, have purchased scanners that will identify contraband before it enters the facility to battle the problem. On one occasion, an individual being booked into the Logan County jail from another facility was found to have a tattoo gun inserted in a body cavity picked up by the scanner.

On Sept. 30th, Logan County Jailer Phil Gregory contacted the South-Central Kentucky Drug Task Force after his staff had alerted that Jedediah M. Speaker, an inmate, was trying to hide contraband inside the jail. Agents with the SCKDTF, upon investigating, recovered a blue powdery substance suspected to be fentanyl. Speaker was arrested on Sept. 25, 2021, and charged with strangulation and assault.

“Jailer Gregory and I communicate weekly and have a good working relationship,” said Task Force Director Jacky Hunt adding, “Logan County is blessed to have a good jailer and jail staff that is determined to rid the Logan County Jail of any illegal drugs.”

Jailer Gregory noted the scanner purchased by the county has helped a great deal.

“The Logan County Detention Center has been proactive to keep contraband out of the jail. The best tool that the Logan County Detention Center has purchased has been the body scanner,” said the jailer. “This device was purchased in August 2019. It’s an Adani Dual View Vision body scanner that takes x-rays of the individuals. Not only have we been able to discover contraband hidden inside an individual’s clothing and body cavities, but also it deters individuals from attempting to bring in contraband.”

Gregory added that his jail staff receives Kentucky Department of Corrections training on searching inmates and their property upon intake. All deputies receive Adani body scanner training as well as training from the Department of Corrections.

“Due to the outstanding work of the jail staff and their due diligence, the Logan County Detention Center has been able to prevent contraband from entering the facility not only in this case but also in other cases,” said Gregory.

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