Logan County Schools Celebrate Digital Citizenship Week

Breelyn Haley

With the increased use of technology in today’s world, Logan County Schools are making an effort to teach students about the importance of good digital citizenship. Digital citizenship is the responsible use of technology by any individual using computers, the internet, and/or other digital devices to connect with society at large. National Digital Citizenship Week was celebrated on October 19th through the 23rd and was the kickoff for continuing lessons in the schools over the importance of using technology wisely. Lessons cover a wide variety of material with students including finding balance in our media/technology use, online privacy and security, and avoiding cyberbullying. These lessons are for students at all levels--kindergarten through twelfth grade--and are presented in both the general education classrooms and specials classes.

Chandlers’ Library Media Specialist Jackie McCorkle was asked why she feels it is important to regularly teach her students about responsible technology use. She stated, “Teaching students to be digital citizens allows them to create and manage a digital identity that ensures they have appropriate social interactions online, they can manage their personal data, and understand the permanence of their digital footprint. In today’s world, so much of what we do is online. It’s important for students to understand how what they put online affects them.” McCorkle teaches digital citizenship throughout the year to her students of all ages. Kindergarten students learn about ways to balance their technology use by taking time away from screens and sharing with friends through songs and other activities. Older students learn about the importance of protecting their passwords and keeping their personal information private, as well as positive communication techniques in a virtual setting. These are lessons that McCorkle hopes will help her students to maintain a positive digital footprint as they grow up.

Good digital citizenship is also something that families can help to teach students at home. By creating screen-free times and zones, monitoring technology use, establishing clear family rules, and discussing personal vs. private information parents can reinforce the importance of balance and safety in the digital world. For further information about digital platforms and technology being used in Logan County schools, or for more tips on teaching good digital citizenship at home, parents can visit the Logan County Schools webpage and look for “Digital Learning” under quick links.

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