In honor and celebration of National Long-term Care Administrator appreciation week, March 8-12, those who work at Auburn Healthcare would like to thank administrator Desirae Cocanougher for a job well done.

“Auburn Healthcare is so blessed to have Desirae leading us and caring for those who reside here at Auburn Healthcare. We want to all wish her a very happy Administrators week,” said Angela Ellis.

Ellis went on to say, “Desirae is an amazing leader by example. Our facility has flourished under this leadership, winning the best healthcare facility of the year in 2020. She helps in every department. Some of the happiest moments are when our team pulls together to make our residents smile.”

Some of the examples of keeping those smiles coming include creating a life-sized game of Candyland, bringing music into the facility with country line dancing routines, and a proud performance of a 1920s classic in full attire.

Cocanougher is a graduate of Western Kentucky University where she achieved her Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration. She completed her internship at Auburn Healthcare in 2016 and became its administrator in 2017.

“Desirae has led Auburn Healthcare through the COVID-19 pandemic with courage and grace. We have no doubt that her swift action and decision-making have protected many at our facility. We are so grateful for such loving and courageous leadership,” said Ellis.

Ellis asked some of the residents at Auburn Healthcare about their experiences with Cocanougher. Due to confidentiality, initials will be given only.

“I love her and she is good to me. Thank you for making this my home,” said D.B.

“Thank you for always being available for me and taking care of my needs and wants,” said S.S.

“Thanks for giving me a home and all you have done for me since I have been here. I’ll never be able to repay you. I thank the world for you and will always be praying for you,” said E.K.

“You’re a great administrator. The way you help out on the floor is unlike anything I have ever seen. You are an all-around good person,” said S.H.

“I thank you for what you do for all of us, putting your heart and soul in your job and always taking care of things,” said D.S.

“I appreciate all the love and kindness you show towards us,” said J.B.

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