Plant Recycling out of Tennessee has been given the go-ahead to haul the county’s recyclable materials collected and delivered to the recycling center on Morgantown Road, Russellville. This is not to be confused with the curbside recycling service offered by Scott Waste Services, LLC.

The county provides the center for citizens who wish to recycle and bring those commodities to drop off as well as offer a thriving cardboard collection service for businesses and industry.

Auburn Pallet has been serving as the county’s current hauler with Bluegrass Recycling before.

A hauler will collect what is stored at the center and periodically take it to be sold, giving a percentage back to the county on what is financially generated. Unfortunately, prices have been at an all-time low for recyclable materials which seem to be collected more for cleaning up the environment than making money.

Nathan Cockrill, the county’s solid waste coordinator, made the recommendation to hire Planet Recycling. They were one out of four who submitted a proposal for the service.

“We looked at the four proposals that were sent to us and one (Planet Recycling) did stand out. None of them really give us what we hoped for but one is better than the others,” said Cockrill.

Cockrill says it’s been a tougher time with recycling at the center due to everything going on (COVID-19) but he definitely wants what’s best for the recycling center and wants to continue recycling in Logan County.

According to Cockrill, center manager Tim Pitts said the volume right now is pretty low without the inmates. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, inmates at the Logan County Detention Center cannot be released for work detail which puts a hardship on the center that utilizes the program for help.

“Tim is doing the best he can out there,” said Cockrill to the fiscal court during the Tuesday, Jan. 26 meeting. “We have some folks from the drug court coming to participate with us and it’s helping some with the cardboard.”

One of the positives for going with Planet Recycling is no hauling fees.

“Hauling fees would eat up whatever benefit you get for recycling cardboard. With some of the other proposals, we might end up owning money which would be a real shame with the work that’s done out there,” Cockrill said.

Other positives include good pricing on the baling wire, payment terms are within a month, and according to Cockrill, the lady who would be the representative from Planet Recycling showed an interest and actually came to Logan County a couple of times.

“I appreciate that,” said Cockrill. “I appreciate somebody showing they are interested and actually come here and talk to us in person.”

Downsides to the proposal with Planet Recycling include not being able to put a trailer out at the center as other haulers have in the past for storage, as well as the company won’t accept paper boxes.

“No company had anything for plastic,” reported Cockrill to the court. “I will have to continue taking that to Scott Waste at the transfer station in Auburn and get it into recycling through there.”

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